The greed of ice

March 31, 2013
Once upon a time not too long ago in 1895 there was a man named Jimmy Procket, who in which was a very greedy and stubborn man but he was very, very poor. So one day he came up with the mastermind plan of going from rags to riches, to rob a bank of course. So he gathered a crew and he got his equipment from an old friend, then he went to work. He went to largest bank around, and Jimmy and his crew robbed the bank. His crew was blamed for the robbery but Jimmy got away with the cash. A blizzard was on its way but no one was too worried about it right then because they had different worries. Jimmy escaping with the cops pursuing close behind him, he decided to run into the woods. He finally escaped the cops but lost his way due to the blizzard surrounding him. Jimmy realized that the blizzard would soon consume him with the coldness if he did not get out of it. He looked and looked for a shelter but nowhere in sight was on to be found, his haste dropped him into the bottom of a pit where he laid trapped. With the fall he broke his legs so he could barely get up. Jimmy looked upon this with great sadness and thought about it, only if he had tried to help one of his crew members he could have get out of the pit but his greed overwhelmed him. He looked at his freezing fingers then he looked up at the moon. Jimmy soon made a decision in haste and started to burn his cash with his lighter, he burned all of the cash he had stolen. Jimmy burned it all for a few more moments of life, and with those last moments he died happy.

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