Angel Sent From Heaven

August 30, 2008
He can't see his only brother. He can't see his mother's sweet smile. He can't even see his own reflection. His hair is brown and his teeth are crooked, that may sound familiar. His eyes are covered by brown glasses, and he finds his away around his own house with a walking stick. Does that still sound familiar? Probably not.
It was take your child to work day, sounds harmless. Danny (age 9) went to work with his father at the plant. Accidentally, a great day turned to bad in the matter of moments. Danny some how got a dangerous chemical around his eye. He yelped and screamed, and rubbed his eye frantically. His father rushed him to Steamwell hospital, thinking the worst. "He will never see again," the doctor pronounced. As a gift, the doctor handed Danny a wooden walking stick.
It's amazing how your life can change drastically all in one day. How the things that you took for granted are what you yearn for the most.
Danny knelt by the side of his bed. Usually, he prayed not only at night but in the day time too, because his eyes always saw darkness, even in the day time. But today he was praying at night.
"God, I thank you for all you have given me, a great family, good health, but there is one think I can't help but ask you; my eyes are what set me apart from others. They walk around freely as I wag my walking stick back in forth. I pray for a miracle to heal my soiled eyeball, and make them able to see again. Thank you, Amen."
He climbed into his bed and searched for his black comforter. His blanket was really blue, but it was black to him.
The next day he woke up to darkness.
And the next day he woke up to darkness.
The next day, he started school for the blind. His mother dressed him and fed him, as if he were a baby.
"Danny, don't make any plans after school, your going to go to the eye doctor."
Dany groaned, "Mom, I'm blind! My eyes are useless as my appendix!"
"Danny! Miracles are miracles! Anything can happen!" Danny didn't argue.
* * *
"Hi Danny, how are you?" Danny recognized Dr. Harvey’s deep voice. He visualized his white overcoat and dyed moustache.
"Fine," he lied. ˜I'm blind! How do you think I feel?’ he felt like screaming.
"Great. Today were going to take some eye tests to see if this is fixable," he led Danny to a leather chair.
15 minutes passed slowly, finally Danny heard the Dr.'s chair squeak as he got out of it.
"I'm sorry, that chemical ate away at your son's vision. I'm left with no way to fix it," Dr. Harvey explained to his mother. He was in the other room, but Danny heard the words as if they were whispered in his ears.
On the way home, Danny sulked in the back seat and his mother cranked up the old music tunes. Suddenly, Danny's mom jerked the wheel, sending Danny to the opposite of the back seat.
"What happened?" Danny stammered.
"A dog jumped out in front of me!"
"Did you hit it?" A lump was forming in the back of his throat.
"No." Danny heaved a sigh of relief.
"Where is his now?â" he heard a car door slam. "Mom? Mom? MOM!" Danny heard the scampering of paws on the arm rest. "Is there a dog in here?"
"Sure is! You're never going to believe this¦ it's a dog for the blind!"
Danny crinkled his brow."How do you know?â"
"He's wearing a harness and is a golden retriever." Danny felt around for the dog. The dog moved to the back seat, and happily licked Danny's fingers.
Danny smiled, "Wow, my pray wasn't exactly answered, but pretty darn close." He held the dog close.
"What do you want to name him?"
"You mean he's mine?" Danny asked hopefully.
"I don't see why not."
"What about Angel?"
"But he's a boy," Danny's mom pointed out.
"Boy or not, he was still sent from heaven." Danny couldn't see his mom, but he knew she was looking back at him with a confused expression. He smiled and rubbed Angel's head.
Once they got home, Danny took a walk with Angel, and played fetch with his walking stick.

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chelsea23 said...
Sept. 30, 2008 at 10:44 pm
Aww... so good! Me love this!! =) I love dogs, and my cousin became blind from an acccident. It's very well writtern!
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