The Untold Truth

March 27, 2013
I said mean things, yes. I said mean things and I know I denied them, but I never got to tell my version, of how I felt. I was shot down by your defensive words, so now I will tell my version of the story.
Yes, back in the summer of 2011 when you brought your boyfriend over to my house, I was not impressed. I can’t let you deny that, because that is a fact. But his sarcastic remarks and the way he treated you I noticed was not right. You deserve better than that and that’s what I saw.
Then when you asked me to come with you and told me what he had done with you, all I could think was, “How could you let him do this to you?” But all I felt like I could do after you told me that was slap a smile on my face and act like I wasn’t hurt, so you wouldn’t get upset. You were so happy, and I didn’t want to ruin that.
Then, in October when you asked me what you thought of your boyfriend, I told you those things to keep you from getting hurt. I know you were upset, but I’ve been hurt before, and I didn’t want to see you get hurt. But you kept asking and I guess I got harsher, and harsher, but I said all that to be a good friend, to protect you from the pain and heartbreak that I have gone through. I hope we can still be friends from the apology.

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