September 3, 2008
How can people have memories of their beautiful childhood when they never had one? What would it be like if they could go back in time and change things…or people?

Katie woke up from nap time at her babysitter’s house. She must have fallen asleep while watching her favorite movie: Matilda. Cake and ice cream always made her sleepy. Today was her sixth birthday but Katie’s mom, Sarah, had to work. Katie loved her babysitter though, so it was okay. She’d rather spend the special day with Jessi the sitter than her mother anyway.

Sarah was never a loving parent. She was always yelling and ordering Katie around to clean the house. There was never a slight moment when Katie didn’t feel worthless. Every time Sarah slapped her daughter’s face, Katie could taste the blood coming from her lips.

That day, when Katie woke up to the end credits of Matilda scrolling up the television screen, a part of Katie died. Sarah never came back to Jessi’s. Sarah abandoned her beautiful six year old daughter at a sixteen year old’s house. What a wonderful gift to give.

Ten years later; Katie’s mother still gone and two different male names on her birth certificate, she stays up late one night in her foster home and cries as she fills the bath tub. The water turns a light shade of pink as she slides in. The cuts on her wrists sting as they hit the hot water. Her body starts convolsing like she is having a seizure, and she feels the urge to puke. The bottle of prescription pain medication was coming into effect. As she is shaking, her head rushes under the water. Katie can’t help but choke. She feels the pressure of her lungs gasping for air, but is only left to breath in bloody water. Right before her eyes closed for the very last time, they opened. And she is safe in her bed. Katie shoots up and sees her roommate starring at her with concern from across the room.

“Katie, are you alright? Why are you crying?”

Katie wipped her tear stained face, “Yeah, I’m fine. It was just…just a flash back.” She took in a deep breath, “you know, from a couple night ago…the reason I was sent here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry honey. Do you want me to get the staff?” the roommate asked.

“No, Christina, I’m okay, honestly. I just miss her, ya know?”

“Yeah, it’s not your fault though, really. It just shows what kind of person she is, not you.” Christina replied.

“You’re right, I need to stop blaming myself, it only makes things worse.”

“Exactly, you are such a caring person and you have so much left to do with your life. This is just one step that leads to greater things. Bridges may come your way, but you are strong enough to cross them. You may need a little help sometimes, but that doesn’t make you dependant on anyone, it just…helps.”

“Thanks Chrissy. It really means a lot. You now what? I’m going to change. Right here, right now at 2 o’clock in the morning at some mental institution. From now on I’m only crying when necessary and living my life with no regrets or past grudges. My mom left me for a reason. And my current foster mother pulled me out of the bath tub for a reason as well. And that was to meet you, Christina. To meet you, have this exact conversation and come to the realization that I don’t need Sarah, I can survive and provide on my own.” Katie confidently sent a smile in Christina’s direction, then laid back down in her bed with a whole new purpose of living at the top of her mind and slowly drifted back to sleep.

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CrazedWriter said...
Sept. 6, 2008 at 1:57 pm
Very well written.
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