Sprout Gal

August 28, 2008
By disneychix92 SILVER, Long Beach, California
disneychix92 SILVER, Long Beach, California
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There are many superheroes in the world. One superhero I think is the best our of all of them. And she saved my life. Her name is Sprout Gal. My name is Daisy. There is a lot about Sprout Gal you need to know before I go any further.

Sprout Gal's secret identity is Rose Green. She has a little sister, and her name is..., well she is Sprout Gal's sidekick, and her sidekick name is The Amazing Bud. Now this is the story.

Rose and Daisy were walking together on their way home from school. When they got home Rose went out to her garden out back with Daisy following. When they got to the garden they picked their favorite vegetable, brussle sprouts. Little did they know that a meteorite from outer space had landed in their brussle sprouts' garden. And without that little knowledge, they ate the brussle sprouts. Then they had relaxed from their little snack. Little after they had started relaxing they noticed their super powers. Rose had flying and making her own food, like photosynthesis. Daisy only had flying. That is okay she thought. God only gave me this one super power for a purpose.

As you know, all superheroes have enemies, and Sprout Gal has two enemies. They are the Mole King and Dr. Porcupine. They are deadly working secretly, but when working together, it is a vile combination.

The Mole King is one of the worst super villains on earth. He is evil, he is vile, and yuck he smells horrible. You can never see what the Mole King looks like. He always attacks from underground, and when he is above ground his vehicle (The Underground Car) hides him in the shadows of the world.

Dr. Porcupine has the most effective plans on earth. He can kidnap someone without anybody figuring out that the person has gone missing. He frames his crimes on innocent people. Worst of all, every single one of his plans is to kill Sprout Gal and The Amazing Bud. He wears a crown of darts on his head, his cape is brown with black spikes shooting out of it when needed. There are poison darts hidden behind his cape, the poisons in the darts are so deadly it can kill you within the second of contact. And all the poisons he uses, he is immune to all of them, he does this so no one can kill him with his own weapons.

Now it is time to tell you the amazing story of how Sprout Gal saved my life. Sprout Gal and I... I mean... uh... The Amazing Bud where out patrolling the city. Yet they had no idea what they were in for.

Lets go far down underground. So far you can't hear or see civilization. Where it is so dark it is true darkness, you can feel the darkness. The cold is so blistering you cant even move your fingers. The smell is so unbearable. It smells worse than any smell you can think of. Lets go to the Mole King's lair. High pitched voiced can be made out in the background, “Mole King I want to help.”

“Why do you want to help my foolish friend.”

“I have big plans.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“First we need to do a kidnapping....”

“Not another one.”

“Yes another one, and that other one is, The Amazing Bud.”

“What is the plan after we kidnap The Amazing Bud?”

“Sprout Gal will come to save The Amazing Bud. I will shoot her with my new dart gun and she will die. Then I will shoot The Amazing Bud and she will die too. Then I ... I mean Mole King we will can take over the world. Sprout Gal wont be in the way this time to stop us! Muhahaha!”

“This pan might actually work.”

Above ground on top of the highest sky scrapper Sprout Gal and The Amazing Bud stood in their heroic pose.

“Sprout Gal, I don't think there is any evil out today.”

“Bud there is always evil. We are just unaware of the evil right now.”

“Whatever you say.”

“Bud since you seem so bored, why don't you go and fly around the city to make sure there is no evil out.”


“Make sure you do a thorough search.”

“I will.”

And The Amazing Bud did just that. She flew around the whole city. She avoided this one creepy dark ally because it scared her. She finished her search and all that was left to search was the dark creepy ally. She gulped and prayed silently to herself. God give me the courage and strength I need as I go through this ally.

The Amazing Bud flew toward the ally and disappeared into the darkness. As she flew she felt scarred but she felt but she knew God was with her, she kept flying on. Out of no where there was a scream and The Amazing Bud went into action mode only to find out it was the Mole King.

Sprout Gal had gotten restless wondering about The Amazing Bud. So after a while she flew down with a worried heart for her sidekick, her best friend, her sister.

“I followed your orders and I got The Idiotic Bud,” said the Mole King into the quiet darkness of his lair.


“Now what do we do, Dr. Porcupine?”

“We wait for Sprout Gal.”

“You will never get away with this! As soon as Sprout Gal finds out where I am she will give you what you deserve,” screamed The Amazing Bud.

“You talk big even without your precious hero,” replied the Mole King as he walked toward her.

“Shut up, the both of you,” shouted Dr. Porcupine. He probably had enough of m... I mean The Amazing Bud at this point.

“Why Dr. Porcupine, are you scared Sprout Gal might hear us? She will save me.” The Amazing Bud replied.

Where can she be? Thought Sprout Gal. I sure hope she is not in this creepy dark ally.

“Muhahaha, your precious friend Sprout Gal wont come to save you,” said Mole King in his high pitched creepy manner.

“Yes she will Mole Loser,” replied The Amazing Bud in a cocky tone.

“She's right Mole Loser, I have come to save her.”

At that all the heads turned around to look behind them. There was Sprout Gal, in her green tights smiling as she flew closer.

“Get the dart gun Mole Los...I mean King!” screamed Dr. Porcupine.

“Leave and save yourself Sprout Gal!” yelled The Amazing Bud.

“Huh?” Sprout Gal said dazed.

“Now Doctor! Before it is to late!” Mole King said as he threw the dart gun toward Dr. Porcupine.

“No!” screamed The Amazing Bud.

At this moment, The Amazing Bud didn't care about anything except her sister, she got up and threw herself in the way of the dart gun. She got all the darts in her cape, none of the darts reached her skin. The Amazing Bud threw off her cape. Sprout Gal and The Amazing Bud went into action mode. The kicked Dr. Porcupine's butt. The Amazing Bud flew him to the local prison and dropped him in his reserved prison cell. Dr. Porcupine is in jail to this very day. They never new what happened to the Mole King that day. It feels like he disappeared into thin air. Sprout Gal and The Amazing Bud had looked for him for a couple of months, and they eventually found him., but thats a different story.

Now if you haven't guessed who I am in this story, I guess you didn't pay attention to the clues. I am The Amazing Bud. In the beginning I had said Sprout Gal saved my life. Now at the end of this story I have realized, my sister my best friend and I, we saved each others life.

The author's comments:
I got the idea of Sprout Gal when I was in middle school. I had accidentally cut off a peice of my hair and everyone at my church and school started calling me Sprout. Well eventually I had an assignment to create a super hero, and I answered the questions that needed to be answered to create Sprout Gal. I ended up drawing comic strips originally for this story, then my friends wanted more so I wrote out a story. I am planning on writting a prequel before I write the sequal.

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This article has 2 comments.

jonnie said...
on Sep. 5 2008 at 11:25 pm
I love this Beth

lilbitsmom said...
on Sep. 5 2008 at 11:11 pm
It's nice to see some teenagers are not afraid to express their faith. I found the story humorous and enjoyable.


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