I Am Sam

August 25, 2008
By morgan atkins, Glen Mills, PA


As the trees spun by outside the window, her head rested on her shoulder. Her mom sat in the front seat chatting away, her dad in sat in the driver’s seat listening to what his wife was saying. Just then a deep voice interrupted Sam’s daze.

“Sam, you seen awful quiet” her dad spoke above the woman’s. The chattering stopped and Sam could feel the eyes of her mother piercing through her thoughts. Mr. Lance gripped the wheal and glanced the mirror to see the expression of his daughter’s face.

“No, just tired” Sam’s voice sounded a little annoyed and a dash of harshness. She sighed and looked for her earphones then turned on her ipod. Making sure his daughter couldn’t hear him Mr. Lance spoke to his wife.

“Honey, she’s not ready to talk, I think she’s a little shocked from all that has just happened” Mr. Lance said never taking his eyes off the high way. Mrs. Lance chose her words carefully.

“Michael, that’s just it, it’s not good for a teenage girl to keep things all bottled up, she needs to just, just let it out” her voiced almost whined to the man she was pleading to. Michael sighed and relaxed his shoulders, and waited for his words to form in his mind.

“Deb, when she’s ready, just, doesn’t push her, please” he tried to sound tender and loving to his wife.

Closer to the airport Sam awoke and turned off her ipod. They parked and Jared turned to talk to his family.

“Ok, Sam you help me unload, Debbie, I’m going to need you to go to see what time we need to board the plane” he looked at the girls staring at him. Deborah nodded and got out of the car. The door let in the breeze that washed any hopes and dreams out of Sam’s head. She leaned back and let out an annoyed groan and opened her door.

With her ipod in her ears and her phone in one hand and her luggage in the other Sam began to text rapidly. Michael caught a glimpse of her texting and stopped to scold her.

“Samantha, can it wait?” he asked with a tired look whipped over his face. She sighed a sigh of disgust and put her phone away. Sitting in the chair she waited to the plane to be called. Next to her, her mom sat and was quit jumpy. In the other chair sat a five year old boy with an overly large ice cream cone. Sam watched as the boy licked his lips while his whole face was smothered in white ice cream.

“How about you Samantha, are you hungry?” her mom asked in an excited kind of voice, a smile spread across her face.

“Sam” Sam replied with a bit of anger in her voice. The expression on the woman’s face almost made Sam laugh, but then she frowned and answered her puzzled look.

“My name is Sam, don’t ever call me Samantha” Sam’s voice still harsh yet really annoyed about having to explain her own name to her new mother. She stood up and glanced at her dad who was arranging the luggage. She could hear the speaker blare the plane boarding now. Picking up her bag Sam didn’t wait for her family.

On the plane the Lance family shuffled their way to the three seats. She shoved pass her mom and plopped down into the window seat. Her mother slid gracefully in next to her. Jared struggled to put the bags in the compartment above their heads. Sam never took her ipod out of her ears as she watched passengers board. A man with hair pushed back and a denim jack eyed her suspiciously and then glanced at her mother, a smirk seemed to be smacked on his face. The smirk turned into an evil grin as he stare slipped onto her father. He pushed aside some people and before sitting down he gave one final stare at Sam. A boy, as old as Sam followed him, she guessed the boy was the man’s son. His shaggy, black hair and the deep blue sweatshirt captured a twinkle in his sapphire eyes. He caught Sam’s gaze and flashed a white grin at her. Just then he was pulled by his father into the seat. The boy and the man sat only a few seats away from her. She rested her head on her American Eagle hoddie and closed her pale green eyes.

When Sam awoke her hair had fallen out of the messy bun all around her shoulders. She checked the time on her watch, it blinked two thirty AM. She grunted softly and squeezed pass her sleeping mother and motioned to her dad she was going to the bathroom. The boy caught a glimpse of the girl moving toward the bathrooms and checked to see if his father was sleeping, then got up and followed her. In the bathroom, Sam brushed her hair out of her eyes and let it fall all around her shoulders. She was reapplying lip gloss when her phone vibrated softly in her pocket. She answered to a sweet voice.

“SAM!” the voice was clear and Sam could tell it was Jayla. The girl squealed in excitement. Then silenced herself for an answer.

“Hey, Jay, look I’ll call you when I’m off the plane, it’s like two in the morning here, but hotness alert when I call you back” Sam answered and hung up her phone. She stepped out of the bathroom and right into the boy.

“Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t expect someone to be waiting for me” Sam blushed and looked down.

“No, my bad, I was standing too close, sorry, by the way, I’m Jason” he replied in a sweet voice yet quiet and stealth enough to steal Sam’s heart.

“Hi, I’m Samantha, just, call me Sam” she replied. A flight attendant pushed by and shoved Sam right into Jason’s arms. She looked up into his eyes and smiled apologetically. Then she pulled away from him and made her way to her seat. He watched her walk down the isle. To him, she looked like a run way model. Realizing his son was gone the man got up and quickly hurried to where his son was standing near the bathrooms.

“Jason, what are you doing?!” the man spoke in a harsh voice. Jason gave him an annoyed look and pushed him aside to get to his seat.

Sitting next to her dad Sam whispered to him so she wouldn’t wake her sleeping mother.

“Dad, when do we get off?” she said in a low voice. She never looked at him but kept her eyes on the man and the boy. Her dad had sleepy eyes but answered his daughter.

“Uh, I think in about three hours or so” he turned his head to see Sam’s eyes fixed on the man’s head. He looked over and saw who Sam was fixed on. He glanced from the man to Sam and then to the man again. She shook her head out of the trance and gave her dad a half smile.

For an hour Sam occupied herself and ever so slyly she kept a close eye on the man and the boy. She noticed that the man had glanced back every fifteen minutes and only at Sam. Then when she caught his eye she had to make sure he was stalking her, she stood up. Then he unbuckled his seat buckle and waited for her to move. Sam sat down and cocked her head but never took her eyes off him. His hand rested on the arm of the chair and turned to face the front. Then Sam had to know for sure. She stood up and almost ran to the bathroom. Her father was asleep and never noticed she was gone.
The man stood up and walked in a fast pace to the door were Sam hid. She slowly sunk down into the corner and hugged her knees as she watched the shadow of feet sway in front of the door.
“This bathroom has someone in it” Sam’s voice quivered a bit, yet the words echoed to the door and to her ears again. The shadow stopped swaying; Sam could hear the steady of the man’s breath.
“Samantha Marie Lance, lives back all the way in New Jersey, mom and dad are asleep, no brothers or sisters, flying to England, and then France for her father’s job, am I right Samantha?” the voice felt as if he were breathing into Sam’s head. Her heart pounded slow and steady beat.
“How do you know all this, who are you?” Sam’ head spun and her heart began to beat harder but, she spoke in a firm voice. The voice chuckled and he spoke again.
“Your pretty easy to follow” the chuckle died away. Fear had taken over all the strength she had.
“You, you stalked me, what is going on?” the words were muffled by the dull roar of the engine.
“All you know, everyone you love, everything, its all going to fade away, just like you, oh poor Samantha, don’t worry, you are going first, come out and don’t make a scene, if you don’t come out, I will find a way to get you out and then you’ll wish you’ve come out in the first place, now open the door” his instructions were clear and Sam had to act quick. Panicking she looked around for some place to get out. On the ceiling a small door opened to the roof of the plane. She took off her sweatshirt and exposed her tank top. Pulling her hair back into a messy bun, she stood on the toilet and pushed the door open.
“Samantha, so are you going to come out or do I have to come and get you?” the man’s voice seemed to almost push the door open. He jiggled the handle. Pulling her body up into the top, she shut the door slowly and quietly.
Sam sat quiet and still, she had to think of a way to get out. One end was dark, she guessed that was the back of the plane, the other end had a tiny stream of light shining in a stream towards Sam. She crawled as silently as she could, reaching the light Sam could hear voices.
“Only a little while ‘till we land, then finally I can see my wife and kids” a voice carried above the humming of the engine.
“Yeah Tim, I can’t wait to see my wife too, I haven’t seen her since last year” Sam could hear how much he loved his wife. She army crawled her way to the light. A crack let the light shine through, peering through the crack she could see the people who the voices belonged too. The captains chatted away in the microphone. Suddenly a knock sounded on the cabin door. The men gave each other a puzzled look as the man entered. Sam caught her breath as she made out the figure of the man who was stalking her. He had a gun in one hand and the other rested at his side.
“Hey, what are you doing? Wait man, ok just put the gun down and everything’s going to be alright, now tell me how did you get the gun on board” Tim’s voice was calm, but he knew he could be shot at any moment.
“Shut-up and listen here” the man snapped at one of the captains.
“There is a girl on board this plane, she disappeared on me and if you corporate and help me find her this plane and everyone will get off safely, she could be any where, so do I need to kill people, or will you help me?” the man had the gun pointed to their heads. The two men nodded and spoke into the radio.
“Please everyone stay calm there happens to be a girl lost on board, if you would check around you and see is she is hiding some where it would be a big help, and if the parents of this girl, Mr. and Mrs. Lance would please come to the captains cabin the search could go a lot smoother” as the captain hung up the radio, he turned and put his hands in the air.
Soon enough Mr. and Mrs. Lance burst into the cabin. Sam could read the worried expression on her mother’s face.
“What is going on, where is my daughter, who is this man, does he have her?” Mr. Lance’s questions echoed in the silent room. The man spoke to him to reassure him about his daughter.
“I don’t have her, yet any way, when I do you your wife and everyone here will be a lot safer, I can assure you that” the man had turned to face Mr. Lance with the gun pointed at his head. Mrs. Lance stepped closer to speak up about the situation.
“Why do you want our daughter, why are you doing all this” her voice was calm and sincere.
“Samantha, yes I do want her, she has, well let’s just say she has a gift, and, I want her to come with me so that I can “help” her control it, then I can take it and return her to you” the man sounded so proud of his plan.
“Your NOT taking Sam from me” Mr. Lance lunged at the man, out of fright the man shot at Mr. Lance. Suddenly Sam noticed a gem that the man pulled a gem hanging on a necklace from his jacket. Then she seemed dazed, holding her head, it seemed to pound like her heartbeat. Peering through the crack again, everything was in slow motion. Her father’s lunge was in mid air; her mother’s face slowly turning white. The bullet was slowly shooting through the air. All Sam could do was watch as the bullet hit her father’s stomach. Then everything went back to normal. Her head began to pound again, the scream of her mother, the splat of blood and the sickening thud of her father was all dulled by the fast pounding in her head. Sam’s hands clasp her head and she rolled over in fast raging agony. Suddenly a creaking sound swarmed into her ears and the floor beneath her stomach gave out and she it her head hard against the carpeted ground. The light swirled and Sam’s world turned black.
When Sam opened her eyes her hands were tied behind her back. Still dizzy and dazed her eyes managed to focus to the back seats and Jason holding her.
“What, what’s going on, where am I?” she stuttered a bit. He looked down and quickly clasped his hand over mouth and shushed her. Fighting off the hand she whispered in a frantic voice.
“What is going on, what are you doing?!” she demanded from him. He shushed her again and spoke in a calm voice.
“It’s ok, just be quiet for now, I’ll explain later” he got up and opened a curtain. The light shone through and Sam winced, soon figures formed to see the man, Jason, and her mom kneeled over her dad. She sat herself up, and realized what had happened and her dad had been shot. Blood soaked through his white shirt. A steady breathing assured Sam that he was still alive.
“Jason, gag her right now!” the man snapped. He hesitated then wrapped a piece of cloth around Sam’s mouth. Her eyes shone a glossy green; his heart was overwhelmed with compassion. As he tied the cloth behind her head, he whispered in her ear.
“It’s ok Sam, I’m here, I’m not get let him hurt you” the words soothed her pounding head. He stood back up the man held something in his hand and called Jason over.
“Alright, now I want you to take the gem and hold it in front of her eyes, we’ll have to see what happens this time” the man place the gem in Jason’s hand. Slowly Jason knelt and held the stone before Sam’s sparkling eyes. The gem swung from the chain, Sam stared, not at the stone, but at Jason. Each time the stone passed by, her head pounded harder and harder. Suddenly the gem shone in a shining way, and Sam slipped her hand out of the tie that held her hands. She stopped the swinging gem, and slid the cloth gag off. She smiled at Jason, and took the gem from his hand. He didn’t resist. She placed the chain necklace around her neck. Her fingers ran across Jason’s cheek, he touched her hand. Then the man pulled a gun from its place.
“Alright Jason, get away from her, she got the gem, she could do unnatural things with that kind of power, just back away slowly” the man’s hand shook a little. Sam noticed the gun pointed at her, but when Jason didn’t move, the gun switched direction towards Jason. Realizing that he could be hurt or killed, she grew furious. Her eyes grew an eerie green; she stood up and stepped over Jason.
“Stop right there now, or I’ll shoot, I mean it, I will shoot you” a tiny stream of sweat ran down his forehead. When Sam didn’t surrender, he cocked his gun, she stepped towards him and a shot sounded in the tiny cabin. Sam blinked and her eyes faded to the paleness again. She stood silent and still. The blood ran down her shirt, her hand slowly ran over the wound. She held her hand up to her eyes and saw the red blood painted on her fingers. She didn’t hear anything, nothing, she slowly looked around. Again, everything was frozen. Her mother’s face was in shock and her mouth seemed to form a silent scream. She turned to Jason; he was about to step up and catch her if she was to fall. Her eye twitched a little. Soon everything came back to motion. Everything was clear, she heard the scream of her mother, and she fell back into Jason’s arms. The man’s face was not even showing a little compassion, more of annoyance that he had to waste a bullet. Her hands shook as Jason held them.
“It’s goin to be ok, alright so just stay with me hear ok, stay with me Sam, everything is going to be fine” his face became blurry, and the words faded. Then black covered the world seen to Sam.
When she awoke, she was lying on the floor by an exit door. She flew up and sat as she stared at the scene around her. She felt the wound, but it was covered in a cloth bandage, she noticed Jason’s ripped shirt and then saw the horrible scene before her. The man stood over a boy, Jason with the gun pointed at his head, the man was yelling at him.
“You betrayed me, why did you help her, now we all could die!” the man’s face was a deep crimson red. Jason face was whipped over in terror and fright. The man became angrier when his son didn’t answer. He turned the gun around and hit the boy in the head.
“JASON!” Sam screamed and ran to his side were Jason was lying. A huge bump started to rise on his forehead. He laid still; Sam had to guess he was unconscious. Realizing the girl was awake, the man walked over and pulled her away and tossed her over to a woman, her mother.
“Say good-bye, we’re leaving, Sam, hurry it up” the man whipped his forehead with his sleeve. Suddenly through a loud speaker the captain’s voice spoke.
“If everyone would take their seats and buckle up, we are descending soon, thank you” the voice echoed in the small cabin. The man’s face grew in rage.
“Stay here” he commanded. He walked out to the captain’s cabin. Sam slowly slid down to the floor. Her mother knelt beside her. She ran her fingers over her dad’s shallow breathing chest. The penetrating hole in his chest kept bleeding under the red stained shirt. Then she heard a moan, Jason’s head tossed and turned. She crawled over to him. His eyes were closed, but he still mumbled. The man burst back into the room, the gun at his side.
“The captain has decided to land the plane early, we’re landing in Ecuador, so this is were we get off, then I’m taking Sam” the man’s words were clear. Sam’s tear stained face burned with rage. Her heart pounded hard. Smashing her elbow into a glass container that held an ax Sam’s head spun with anger and fear.
“Hey now Sam, put that ax down, we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt do we?” the man’s hand held the gun tightly. Sweat streamed down her forehead. She looked from her mother to the man. Then her eyes shot to where Jason lay motionless. Her head began to pound, her breathing was heavy, she couldn’t take it, or control it. Her eyes burst a glowing green, at her finger tips they slowly began to glow, then green flames consumed her hands. The ax dropped from her hands and she grabbed the man by his throat and held him above the ground.
“Sam, stop put that man down!” Debbie screamed. The man’s face was red and turning purple. Choking and gagging he seemed to try to talk to her
“Please Sam, I c-can help” he choked. When she didn’t respond, he pulled the gun from his pocket and pointed it at Jason’s head. Her eyes grew wide and lowered him to the ground. Laughing, he pointed the gun at her head.
“NO!” Debbie screamed.
“Shut-up or you’re next!” the man swung the gun around at Mrs. Lance’s head.
“No one else is going to die today” Sam’s voice was harmonized with voices from everywhere.
“I don’t think so” the man lifted his gun and shot the weeping Deborah. A glowing hand swept across his face leaving five finger slashes in his face. Screaming in agony he stood up holding the side of his torn face. Suddenly a bullet raced toward Sam, then it slowed, and stopped, it dropped. She stood very still and stared into his eyes, the glowing hands faded and her eyes pierced into his thoughts. He twitched, and he heard her, but she was inside his head.
“You made a very horrible mistake Mr. Regono, I think you underestimated me. Oh yes, now I’ve gone through all the files in this dark place you call your mind. I know what you know about me. I may be very powerful, and you may think you can control me, but that is where your mistake is, now look here, it is I who is controlling you. So now I’m not that dangerous out of control girl before. See going through your head I’ve learned my powers with in a matter of seconds. Ah, if only you knew how it feels to have the power of the universe. I know it all Mr. Regono, and now I’m going far away and I’m taking your son with me. Well thank you for letting me realize all this wonderful information! Good-bye, Rick!
Twitching again he came to his senses and turned to see Sam kneeled next to Jason. Her expression revealed the compassion that she was trying to bring him to life again. Holding her hand above his mouth a blue light floated out of his mouth into her hand. Standing up she clasped her hands together and the light grew bright and blew out. Then she knelt again, her hand ran across his cheek, she kissed him gently and whispered in his ear.
“Good-bye Jason” she stood and looked at him one last time. Her eyes met Mr. Regono’s.
“I suppose I could heal that horrible looking face of yours, but I don’t think I will, I’m just not feeling very forgiving today, oh well, oh by the way your son is in a better place now no need to thank me, by the way I think you should really see a doctor about that though, ta-ta!” snapping her fingers she disappeared. Then she popped into the cabin assigned for the captains only.
“Hey, you’re not supposed to be in here!” the pilot said.
“Yeah, well I’m not supposed to be alive either, guess we both loose, but really its ok back there, no reason to land the plane. Alright my work is done here, I’m off to China!” with another snap of her fingers she was gone.
Three years passed the honking of cars and the sizzling of hotdogs burned their way through Sam’s head. She stood in Times Square, something was almost perfect about today, and it was the third year anniversary since the incident. Hands in her pockets a little boy tugged on her winter coat. She smiled and bent down to see him.
“Here miss, a man told me to give this to you” he handed it to her and ran down the sidewalk. She opened the piece of paper, it tattooed the words into her thoughts. Soon her finger tips burned a small hole in the paper as she let it fall to the ground. The words replayed in her head over and over. “I know who you are, I know where you are, and I am coming for you…Samantha”
Now she knew he still existed, he was still out there looking for her. As she arrived at the apartment that she rented with the money she yearns every night as a high paying waitress. Opening the door, she noticed her black leather chair that sat by a burning fire place in it sat a man. His hair greased back, and a pipe feed into his pursed lips.
“Good evening Samantha” the voice carried across the room. With a snap of her fingers she stood in front of him.
“You’re toying with the wrong girl, Rick” her words pierced the air with a shrill ring. She leaned over and rested her hands on the arms of the recliner.
“My dear, you have to forgive me of my past, therapy can change a man” the smoke surrounded her head.
“People don’t change Mr. Regono” she answered, with a slow breath ice froze the pipe’s burning and the smoke died away. His lips turned blue as the ice sealed the pipe to his lips. Standing up she turned to the fire.
“Why are you here?” she finally asked. When he didn’t reply she spun to see why. She slowly ran her fingers over his lips, heating away the ice she pried the pipe from his lips and tossed it into the fire. Folding her arms she awaited the answer.
“I’ve always been looking for you ever since the incident” he readjusted the black turtle neck that wrapped around his neck.
“You see, I’ve come to realize that I can’t control you, and that no one should posse such a unique power” he stood and came face to face with her.
“Ah, those green eyes how should I ever forget” he turned to face the fire to reveal the five scars that swiped across his face.
“Oh yes, I was young and not as forgiving, you killed both my parents, and your own son, why should I believe your not the same?” she said as she sat down in the black leather chair.
“You shouldn’t” his voice was heavier and darker. The smile vanished from her face. She pushed the chair three feet from the fire place and stood up.
“Samantha, I’m not going to fight you, I wouldn’t win anything by that, so I’m just going to kill you!” he spun and pulled an odd looking gun from his coat. Reaching her hand forward, the gun spun out of his hand onto the floor and into her hand.
“I guess you men never learn” she snickered as her lips ran across the barrel of the gun. He pulled a scarlet handkerchief from his inside coat pocket and ran it across his mouth.
“I think it’s best if you come out now” he seemed to be talking to a wall, as if someone where listening. A man stepped out, like Mr. Regono’s twin as if, he were, his son.
“Yes of course, Samantha you remember my son Jason?” he tossed the scarlet cloth into Jason’s hands.
“No, I watched Jason die, I was there, not even I, have the power to bring someone back from the dead” the gun fell to her side as her eyes focused in on Jason’s image. His eyes flickered the sapphire that she has once seen three years ago.
“Oh I know, you were the one who killed me” his voice echoed in her head as his steps grew nearer. Circling her he whispered, her head titled back as she listened to the cooing of the words.
“You sent my soul to “rest”, oh you thought you loved me, you were young and foolish, I’m sure you won’t make that mistake again?” he stopped in front of her and towered in her mossy green eyes. Looking up into the eyes that once made her blush, she narrowed them, with one hand she pushed him with a force that blew his body into a wall, but with the grace of a ballerina.
“Look, you got to listen to me, you can’t run forever!” he coughed as he pried his body from the smashed in wall.
“And what would I be running from?” her hand fell to her hip that popped into an attitude stand. Dusting himself off, he walked over to her and came face to face with her.
“My mother” he breathed. When her face showed no expression, he sighed and explained.
“I supposed you are wondering how I’m alive, my mom, the blood of a lover is the power to bring anything, of anyone to real, she loved me she gave her life to save mine, she was like you, but more experienced, now that she sees why I came to life, for you, she’s furious, and swore that she would send you to hell” he explained as he slipped the scarlet cloth into her hands. Looking down her fingers began to tingle at the holding of the blood of someone who loved Jason so much. Inside her head Samantha grew weak, voices grew dim, and one was clear. It rang through her head.
“He is right, I am coming, he’s mine, you have no right to him, and he’s my son!” the eerie voice screeched.
“He’s nobody’s, you can’t claim him, he is free to choose what he wants and you and I can’t stop him” she answered to the voice.
“We shall see!” the crackling of the fire sizzled in her ears as she came to her senses again.
“She came to you, yeah she scared me when she first talked to me” he laughed a little as he stroked the silk fabric. Samantha’s eyes glistened, she shook her head.
“No, she can’t just do this, you have to free yourself from her!” she demanded. Jason’s eyes hit the floor.
“Her name is Addison, she’s my mother, no one can get away from their mother” he bit his bottom lip and looked into her eyes. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a crystal and put it in her hand.
“Why did you keep it all these years?” her eyes searched his eyes for the answer.
“I used it to find you, I know that this is the only thing that can take your powers away, if you ever decide to become mortal, I’m waiting” he closed his hand over her delicate hand and walked away. When the two of them walked out of the room Samantha looked at the crimson cloth again. Throwing it into the air she spread her fingers out and the cloth swirled and grew into a flowing woman’s gown. The woman stood staring at Sam and smiled.
“He only came here because he knows you’re the only one who could revive me” her eyes sparkled a pale blue, her accent was a strong French twist. Her blond hair flowed down her back, on her neck was a crystal like the one Sam was holding.
“Oh my dear, you know there’s only room for one girl in my boy’s life, and you know its me, after all I am his mother” she pushed a strand of hair out her eyes and smiled again. Looking down at the floor, Sam smiled as she thought back on the memories of her and Jason.
“Hey you know what you’re right, I’m not going to fight or kill you, just do my one favor and he’s all yours” she stared deep into the blue eyes that chilled her head.
“What do you want?” her accent twisted her words. Taking her finger Sam wrote on the silk handkerchief. The words weaved themselves into the fabric, it said:
This is my gift to you, and I’ll always be with you, don’t ever forget my love I’ve always had for you
She folded it and handed it to the woman.
“Addison, you know you’ve got some kid, take care of him, and just to let you know I may not be around, but I’ll always see you” he face expressed a seriously evil grin. Taking the gem she breathed lightly and sparks flew into the crystal. When the last spark had slipped into the gem she strung it on a necklace. Taking the cloth she wrapped the crystal in the fabric and gave it back to Addison. Picking up a back pack she looked around her apartment and then at Addison again.
“I guess I’ll see you around then?” she extended her hand. Addison looked down at Sam’s hand reaching towards her. Taking her hand she smiled at Samantha.
“I’ll tell him how much you love him Sam” she winked at Addison and before she left she turned to her.
“Of coarse you will after all,I am Sam
One month later Jason walked into Sam’s apartment and looked the spider webs all around. He swallowed and something caught his eye. A fire was burning, he ran to the leather chair and sitting in the chair was the scarlet handkerchief. He opened to see the letter and the crystal that sparkled. He strung the necklace around his neck and looked down at the gem.
“Where ever you are Sam, hope you’re happy”


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