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March 22, 2013
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A few years ago, I happened upon a journal entry of mine from high school. I was only 16 when I wrote it, yet I was certain of what I wanted to do and impatient to escape the confines of my childhood.
Nov 14, 2012
I feel trapped in my life, unable to venture beyond my home and school. When will I be able to leave my boring home and explore the world? So far I have been given only small tastes- teasers if you will- of what lies beyond my day-to-day life. My trip to Turkey in 2007 opened my eyes to an incredible culture and place. Since then I have dreamed of the exotic and intriguing places that I might visit, to learn from and experience. This past summer I visited the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The beautiful mountains and landscapes were more amazing than I could ever have dreamed. My camping explorations there fueled my already existing passion for hiking and the great outdoors. I want to experience these places, to own them instead of just visiting them. I want to see all of the beautiful landscapes in America and all the extraordinary places in the world. My aunt and uncle are nearing the completion of a 4-year circumnavigation of the globe by sailboat. When I think of all the unbelievable places they have been and the awesome stories they have, it makes me wonder why I am stuck in my microcosm of the world unable to escape into the real one.
This longing continued throughout my college years, and upon graduation I did indeed set forth to explore the world. I travelled around the globe, living in places such as Chile, Tibet, New Zealand, Switzerland and Japan. I lived my dream, immersing myself in the cultures and lifestyles of the places where I lived and experiencing new things every day. I hiked and explored all around the world, seeking the most beautiful peaks and the greatest vistas. I completed the long distance treks of the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. The former runs from the southern tip of California along the Sierra Nevada all the way to Canada, the latter from New Mexico to Canada following the continental divide and the Rocky Mountains. Throughout my voyages I was constantly inspired by both the exceptionality of people and the splendor of nature.
My experiences overseas taught me a lot about other people and other nationalities, and my hiking adventures allowed me to learn about myself. I found that even though I had followed my dreams, accomplished what I had always wanted and loved it, I was still not happy. I slowly realized that my never-ending quest was preventing me from finding inner peace.
I returned home in the year 2032, exactly 20 years after I had written the above passage. I had set out searching for freedom and adventure and I returned searching for security. Despite having many friends across the world, I had always felt lonely. Upon returning home, I had only my family, yet I was happier than I had been in my whole life. I procured a residence near my hometown and I started a new life.
I include this as an introduction to the story of my life, in the hopes that whoever reads this will be inspired to follow their dreams but to always remember, there is no place like home.

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