Earthbound Sorrow

August 21, 2008
By Corinne Richter, Downingtown, PA

Its raining outside. I can hear the pelleting drops hit my window plane. They fall easily in a steady rhythm. Pitter,Patter. Pitter,Patter. Oh, how its sweet sound fills the emty silence. Night's sad lullaby.
Everyone is asleep and its the only sound in the world. The drops of water hold a bit of truth. Everything needs to cry; Even the poor old sky. It just goes to show earth bound things have their time of sorrow. In these hours people and things alike bear their souls. They are hidden by the black abyss. There is no need to cower in the face of this silence. Being alive now reminds us that when tommorrow comes.... We'll have to wake up. That we'll be okay. We may be broken, down on luck, lonely, and whatever else; But we have to live, to be. To be more than night's shadow but day's rays of sunshine.

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