I found what i was looking for

August 21, 2008
I found what I was looking for

At the docks I boarded a small ship and waved goodbye; headed out into the sea. We set off into the open blue for the experience of my life. The sky shone so clear and so blue the ocean seemed to be above us. I sat in a small sailing boat that painted white, holding about 10 people. I don't really remember much about those first days but it was a very exciting sort of boat. Named the Sea Shepherd, it and its captain were going to guide us on our journey. Water sprayed up into our faces, exploding all around the boat. Waves rocked the boat and smashed into the front making a huge splash. If you were not careful you could've been thrown overboard and if that happened you would have a small chance of being rescued. The boat left a slowly disappearing trail, like a rock being thrown into a pond. A fine, salty mist that I could almost taste made the air glisten with moisture.

We glided over the smooth surface as if we were flying, not touching the glassy water. Although we moved about quite fast you could hardly tell if we were moving or getting anywhere for that matter. The water shone and sparkled, reflecting the blazing sun that beet down hot on our necks. The water mirrored the boat and made it seem as if we were skimming across the sky. We charged through the water as if plowing through a field of crystal. The ocean acted as a liquid mirror untouched and unharmed by any force. Although you would think that there would be little variety of color sailing on the ocean many vivid colors could be seen everywhere you looked. Bright reds and brilliant greens reflected of the water. Colorful life thrived right beneath our noses. Then on some days beautiful sunsets lit up the sky and made it look as if fire had been thrown across the sky mixed with other stunning hues of green, purple, and pink.

The Sea is a mystical place. It sparkles with beauty and moves with power. The sea is where the fierceness of nature merged with the aw inspiring majesty of moving water. She is as old as time it’s self and has witnessed many a thing. The sea can not be harnessed. The trip was very long and there were many a powerful storm. They shook the boat and threatened to destroy its very whole but somehow it managed. On other times there were glorious days of sunshine and fair weather. The passengers would get out and swim in the clear crystal waters where you could see all the way to the bottom. These were the days I remembered and these were the days I enjoyed.

In the distance rose a rock formation, almost an island. It seemed to come out of the sea like an ominous force. Made of volcanic rock, the island looked very porous. It held several caves and holes and towered up at a height of about 500 feet tall. The inside was hollow although you could not tell. It looked like it had been standing forever and would continue standing forever. The captain called it the place where all things meet. The ship headed for one of the larger caves in the very center of the formation. On top of the cave an ancient sign made of stone read Place of the Moribund. It became dark as pitch and no light could be seen in this place or ever would be seen. Upon entering the cave it felt as cold as ice and had a deathly, eerie feeling. It felt as if a black sheet had been pulled over you, smothering out everything I once new and held dear. Nothing lived in the cave and nothing ever would. A dark fear seemed to overcome everything and everyone. Then I felt as if my strength had left me and everything faded away into total darkness.

A light appeared at the end of the black tunnel. It was hazy at first but ever so quickly it got closer and closer and brighter and brighter. Then, suddenly, we entered the center of the structure. Light seemed to be shining from everywhere. It became so bright I thought to squint my eyes but felt no need. The Ocean was so bright it almost appeared to be liquid gold. The walls did not appear to be walls but sparkling crystal on a sunny day. The light bathed everyone and everything in its brightness. It washed over me making me feel clean, fresh, and renewed. An overwhelming warmth, almost happy feeling, came over me. It felt as if I found what I had been searching for, for a very long time. I felt weightless, almost as if I was being lifted up out of this dark hole and into the light. I cannot tell how long this all took. It could have been a second or it could've been years. All I knew was that I found what I was looking for and the journey was finally over.

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