August 23, 2008
I sense it coming a smell drowning out all others. I tilt my head alittle as if to hear what is coming. The smell of death is near around me. " Shoot." I said scrambling out of a tree. Somthing was not right, the woods around me was dead silent not a single bird sang or a grazed I tried to smell for a fire there was none There was a hunter in the woods. I tried to run I flew down the path but somthing was blocking the end. "What the." I couldn't finsh the creature flew at me knocking me to the ground. I couldn't breath as if I was truly dead but my lungs ached. The creature released me. " Do not run." He said. His voice was a baritone almost musical but equally malicious. He chuckled, "it's not like you could ever escape me, Jane." that and I was frozen with fear lying choking on my own breath. " Breathing is so trifle you won't agree now but maybe later." he said licking his lips. I tried to move but he was back at my side. " As I said don't" He kissed me on the lips at first tracing his toung around my lips lightly smelling my skin. " I don't usally play with my food Jane but with you I can't help it." He said whispering in his sexy voice, " I've been waiting along time for you." I gasped , " Why?" He chuckled, "I blame your smell." He sneered, " Why you of all mortals for centuries attracted me is rotten luck ofcourse." Then he laughed, " One from my first loves anicent blood line." He looked me over, " You look so much like her." Then he smiled his lips drawing closer to my neck. He started to kiss it gently sucking. I felt as if he slit my throat. He should have. When he was finished his grin was wide and bloodied. He looked like the devil. " You are mine now Jane, you will not die like your ancestor." A flame was lit inside me. I withered in pain until the moon was high. I sat up the pain was gone . The man stood his teeth glistening. "Welcome Jane, but you are no longer Jane who should you be?" He wondered, That is when I smelled it. The scent that raced on the winds. Blood. " Ahh the greatest source of life for us." His lips smacked hungerly. " Come child, we shall hunt." I couldn't go home. So I left with the man my stomach craving for the red liquid even more, the monster, the vampire. Now I'm a monster too. He ran as if he was a tiger chasing his prey, as I tried to follow clumsly behind. He came up to a house, my house and said, " This house is filled with blood," He wanted to kill my family. I sat there my stomach in knots, growling even more. I could sense them all sitting in the living room watching tv, having no idea whats about to happen.

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amazing_girl said...
Sept. 7, 2008 at 6:01 pm
Wow, I love it but it's alittle bit twisted a murder vampire story. I love it Keep up with the great work.
Bella_Boredem said...
Sept. 6, 2008 at 5:19 pm
It was good, I want to know what happens to her family.
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