August 24, 2008
By meaghan mahoney, Mastic Beach, NY

After awhile you get sick of all the criticism. But you lock it in that thing you call your heart. It beats every now and again . You learn to live with all the places and hypocritical face’s you lock you in. I’ve seen this one to many time’s. now when I listen I tell them mine. See it’s about time I had brought this to direct attention. There will be no more tension because I have the solution. It’s called redemption of the mind. I’ve sat here and took mine, I heard you’re mouth one to many time’s. I’m tired of justifying my action’s, I’m tired of explaining my every move. It’s about time you let me go and do what it is I have to. Since we only have one life to live , I’d go on with mine the way I feel is right and you can sit along and despite my every decision. But the difference here is I learned to live with it.

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wolfwoman said...
on Sep. 9 2008 at 2:18 pm
I need to learn to live and let go of my criticism!

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