The Light Like Jelly

March 16, 2013
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I knew it when I saw it. I didn't what what IT was or exactly WHAT I saw; but it was what I had been searching for. With bated breath, I slowly reached out my hand to touch it. The light gleamed around my fingers. It was amazing.
The light felt like jelly on my fingers. Or maybe running your hands outside of the car going fast down the motor way. It felt peaceful and intriguing.
The light was strong. It bathed me in it's warm glow and I closed my eyes for a moment. When I opened my eyes, the light had grown larger. It's brightness filled the space around me. Behind me, I heard breathing.
I turned around and saw the shadow of a person standing there. The light seemed to crowd around him and he didn't seem dangerous. Was it a he? I couldn't tell by the silhouette.
His hand lifted in the air as if on it's own accord.
"Come," a calming voice urged. I closed my eyes, enveloped myself in the light and followed him. The light got brighter the closer I got. As I touched his hand, the light got so bright I couldn't see anything else.

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