10,000 Continuous Thoughts

March 15, 2013
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They are the only ones that won’t leave me. I am the only one who knows of them. 10,000 continuous thoughts with piercing claws and vampire-like fangs. 10,000 that should leave, but won’t. 10,000 excuses for the way I feel. From everywhere I can hear them, but everywhere I go I’m the only one.

Their strength is immense. They root their claws into my mind. They grow and grow and refuse to stop and sink their fangs into my soul and take over my life. This is what they do.

Let their victim forget her reason for being, causing suffering like that of a burn victim, with no escape from the pain. Help, help, help, I keep crying. No help.

When I am too tired and too sad to keep fighting, when I feel insignificant in a sea of people, it is then they take over. When everyone has left me. 10,000 who stayed despite my fighting. 10,000 who stay and will always stay. 10,000 whose only purpose is to keep my insane and never alone.

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