January 31, 2008
I was born on November 5th 1990, November 5th is an interesting date, considering the fact that it marks the date the Guy Fawkes Night attempted to destroy parliament and kill the king, but any way I was born in Egypt, Cairo in a small hospital at about 7:00 Am. My mom had wanted a girl so bad that even after the doctor told her she was having a boy… she said it was a girl when I came out. Unfortunately I wasn’t a girl for my mom another boy was something she hadn’t wished for. During the time when I was born, cars and electricity still hadn’t hit Egypt. The country was still using Camels to get around, alligators as escalators, and our homes, still pyramids. At the age of 9 I had gotten my first camel. Though it was one of the more unfortunate camels I was happy to have received it. It came at a cheap price but it did come into my life with a few set backs. For one instead of having 4 legs it only had 3. And during a very long trip too much sand had accumulated into its eyes that the eye had to be surgically remove. And lastly it had a brain tumor that would every once in while would give is seizures. Through all of these complications, I was still very excited and happy for my very own camel. At the age of 13 I had finally accumulated enough pounds after working at the nearby Falafel stand, I was able to buy my first drum. It is called a Tabla and it is a tradition that all young boys must follow. I practiced everyday striving to one day become the main Tabla player at the Belly dancer Pub near my house. I began to realize that someone, something out there was telling me that I should use my talent for such sinful desires, that I should strive to use my Tabla and Falafel making talents elsewhere. As one day I was walking by I saw a very old man on the ground with a sign that says, blind, hungry, and lonely, please pray for me”, I realized where I would go to use my talents. At the near by church. The second I entered the new church filled with many people had never seen, I began to use my Tabla talents to make music that not only got people to get off there feet, but to start using there time in a more healthier way then all the sex, and drugs they were usually addicted to. After all of the singing and dancing I would then bring out the tools I needed to make the Falafel, and I made it. People from all parts of Egypt gathered around for they too wanted to have a taste of Rafik’s strange yet particularly enjoyable imagination, for of course none of this was true, but in the end we find out the true talents of Rafik, and know what sort of effect he wanted to make on the world.

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abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz said...
Jan. 3, 2010 at 8:33 am
Good start of the story! However, people in Egypt didn't live in pyramids. That's where the pharaohs or other people with high-ranking were buried.
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