the soccer player and the runner part 1 and 2 and 3

August 29, 2008
By alexis moser, Reading, PA

Kaitlyn?Kaitlyn?KAITLYN!!!! YES!! Kaitlyn since you havent answered any questions today why dont you tell the class the answer to question number twenty-six in your textbook.Umm... twenty six ok the answer is.......RING!!! Yes saved by the bell once again.Ok Kaitlyn you got off today but next time you will get a detention if your not paying attention.Ok now schools over so i have to go to cross country.Great now i have time to think about what i am going to do to my hair.Should i highlight it,fully dye it,maybe tips I DONT KNOW.Maybe ill dye my hair Bam!!What was that I turn around to see a soccer ball fall to the ground.I look around to see a boy with black hair and red highlights.Sorry bout that.SORRY YOU SHOULD BE I MEAN CMON LOOK HOW FAR BEHIND THE OTHER RUNNERS I AM BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!Sorry,by the way im Pete ,whats your name?Katie.Well Katie im seriuosly sorry about hitting you with the soccerball.Its ok,you said sorry like ten times already.Oops,sorry.I gave Pete a weird look.Lets change the subject so.... you play soccer?Yea soccer is my passion ive been playing since i was little.Oh!What you act suprised to see me play soccer.Well its just that you dont look like you play soccer.I mean cmon your hair is emo looking,and i see the skater clothes you wear to school.Pete looked at me for a second then said ok maybe i dont look like i belong in the soccer crowd but im really good at it.My looks are way diffrent then who i really am.The screams of Petes soccer coach and my cross country coach echo louder and louder.It seems like reality came back.Even though practice was still going on for the both of us we ignored it,and walked around together.Eventually Pete and I knew everything about eachother.I finally noticed it was getting late and head home.Before i left i told Pete i had to go and he asked me if i wanted him to walk me home but i said no.When i got home my mom freaked out on me.Ever since my dad and mom had gotten divorced my mom has been on my case more.She asked me questions like where i was,and with who.Finally after being bombarded with questions she came to a conclusion that i was grounded for two weeks.We argued with eachother,well actually i yelled at her telling her that im 14 and i need more freedom than what she gives me.She relized i was right and i ended up being grounded for only a week she told me i should have called.I kinda understood and just went up to my room,and fell asleep thinking of pete.Pete and his sexy mysterious smile,that kept me thinking it was all a dream.
part 2
All day at school I thought maybe Pete was using me to somebody jelouse.I mean look at him so sexy!!! Then look at me a Panic At The Disco t-shirt,black skinny leg jeans,and a pair of black and pink converse.My hair is long and black soon to have pink tips,so why would he want somebody like me when he could have any girl in the school.Since they all like him.Later that day i sat on the bleachers and watched Pete play soccer.Cross Country was cancelled.He was right he is very good at it.Once he saw me he lied to his coach saying that his ankle hurt.His coach let him sit so he sat on the bleachers where i was.On the bleachers next to me sat two other girls.The girls sat there giggling,talked about pete,and kept saying hi to him.Two minutes later i got tired of it and got up to leave.Pete asked where i was going.I said i dont want to sit anymore.He looked over at the two girls and gave them a dirty look.Then he got up and said is it because of them.I replied with a shrug.He said " i know it is.Dont worry the blonde haired punk girl is my sister,and the other punk redhead is her bestfriend. They just do that to protect me from stupid,idiotic girls who just like me for my looks." I got up anyways and started heading down the bleachers.He said" dont leave me."I told him i have to go so im not late for dinner.He said ok and that he understood.Pete took a pen from god knows where and wrote his number on my pants.Then told me to call him whenever.When i got home i programed his number into my i phone.Then i went downstairs ate supper said goodnight and went to my room.
part 3
The next morning on the bus my bestfriend megan made me spill everything about the secret lover i have.She said she was happy for me.During school I bumped into Pete once, he gave me a sexy smile,and complimented my outfit. After school we both skipped practice.Instead of practice we hung out at the mall.Pete bought me a new F.O.B t-shirt and a smoothie.While we were walking around we began to hold hands.Then I saw my ex Dakota.I still had feelings for Dakota so I let go of Petes hand and walked farther away from him hoping Dakota would see me away from Pete and think I went to the mall alone.Pete caught onto why I let go of his hand so he turned around and started walking the other way.I passed Dakota and smiled at him we stopped and gave eachother a hug. Then I thoughtof Pete!!! OH NO I let go of Dakota, and turned around and started running towards Pete. I eventually started to see him. He was walking with his hands tucked into his pockets.When I caught up to him he gave me a sad look.Then said " If you are using me to get that Dakota kid jelouse then I dont want anything to do with you." Pete started walking ahead i screamed for him to stop,he stopped.I ran up to him and said " I never said that i like you like that ." Pete then said " oh I just assumed that you did since we held hands and hung out together so much."The last thing I said to him was it was only three days.Pete said ok i'll drive you home.Later on when i was in front of my house I just left Petes car without saying goodbye.

The author's comments:
i wrote this with feelings and some personal experiences but i changed the way my experiences really were and put them in the story.

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KJ Raner said...
on Jun. 20 2011 at 5:12 pm
It was perfecty legible! i don't know what you are talking about... you couldnt read it! Well then I think you need to get ur eyes checked!

on Jun. 20 2011 at 5:05 pm
Who is the author of this book... I really enjoyed this article and I want to read the whole book!!!

on Jan. 3 2010 at 8:37 am
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz BRONZE, Riverside, Connecticut
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"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

I'm sorry, but I couldn't read this well enough to talk about it. PLEASE work on capitalization, sentences, and run-ons.


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