Princess Galleria

August 27, 2008
Long ago in a country called Lutania, a girl named Galleria decided to leave her palace to see the world. Her first stop was India, One day while traveling she met a young man named Jake.
The next few nights he took her out for a romantic evening each night, the last night he said, “I know its only been a week but will you marry me?” She said “Yes honey, I will marry you,” and the next month they were to be wed. While planning the wedding, their relationship was on the rocks but they still stayed together.
A month later at their wedding she wore a silky pink dress with her favorite kind of flowers, pink roses. Their wedding was on the beach and the whole family came to see them. When she said “I do” one hundred doves flew into the air and her family and friends danced around her. Well, all except her for her dad. Gallerias mom went back to him and said, “Honey its her wedding, smile.” He said, “I can't, he's a peasant that wants to kill her and take over the throne, so when he comes to dinner, I'll throw him in the dungeon.”
The next week at dinner Jake went into the kitchen and put poison in her soup and when he came out, Galleria had already known what was going on, so the guards grabbed him and threw him into the dungeon and Galleria had a new fiancée named Ryan. Eventually, Ryan and Galleria got married and her dad smiled and danced.
Nine months later, two beautiful twin baby girls were born. Their names were Chanel and Aqua. Chanel and Aqua absolutely loved their home in India and they made the best sisters. Later on Chanel and Aqua were married with kids and everything settled down and they all lived happily ever after.

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