A Really Beautiful Day

February 21, 2013
It was a beautifully sunny day on the East Side Of L.A. when the zombies arrived.

Not like this was an unusually thing; since L.A. was nice and hot most of the year. But this particular day was different; probably because the temperature was simply perfect. It wasn’t too hot, and the clouds floated around like puffy marshmallows in the sky,drifting into odd little shapes.Like rabbits and balloons and one even took the shape of a firetruck.

Though it was sunny,there was plenty of shade under the stores overhead. So the zombies were fine when they descended upon the beach. Even a bit relaxed as they staggered their way down the empty streets, undead limbs falling off in odd piles.

No body noticed this.

Not right away. Things like nice weather sometimes go unnoticed in California, a place where a story about which celebrity got their new Botox injection and what area of their body the doctor managed to stick it in, then anything of any political significance.

But when they did notice nobody complained, considering a great deal of them had stood outside their homes screaming. A wasted breath still the zombies lunched on them first. But the few who stood there silent and the pleasure of watching the tides swell and rise, with a soothing rhythm.

It is in my opinion that, if it wouldn’t for the zombie invasion,people would have spent that day in heartfelt appreciation.And some brave soul would have gotten the courage to quietly comment on the color of sand, which was such a vibrant yellow that it glittered like a treasure chest of jewels.

Which was very unfortunate. But it could have been an easily avoidable mistake, if anyone with enough sense to stop running would have noticed the gorgeous color of the ocean that day, a clear aqua-blue that reflected on the sky above. That day was the kind of day, that cannot be made artificially remade or rendered simply because of the utter perfection of it. It was the kind of special event, that one shows itself once in a long while that leaves everything afterwards feeling..lacking.

It was a beautiful sunny day in East Side L.A. when the Zombie Apocalypse started. And it was absolutely perfect.

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