the reality of dreams

August 27, 2008
By cristina diaz, Queens, NY

screaming .. chanting .. raving .. crying .. wetting the bed. its just the middle of the night and these things happen. its just a dream people might say or... maybe even a nightmare. who would know these days ? various images from your own creativity of your mind when sleeping make up these thoughts. it could be ? my dreams are more then just my creativity of my imagination. its the reality im scared to face or am to cocky facing... who knew ? or could it be this power to know things in my dreams ? know things that will keep me awake and forever change my life. is reality really my dreams ? or am i living a dream in reality ? too scared to know too akward to focus. i see things at night. unexsplainable things. things that not only will effect my future but as also the present and past...

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