under the flag

August 26, 2008
By Alisa Carter, Brentwood, CA

He is tired as he helps his co-workers, his friends, his adopted family, raise this flag that they have so willingly placed themselves under. He has seen so much hurt this day and so many lives changed forever. He has seen too many tears fall. Now he just wants to go. Back to his family and his home, still alive and still standing. He longs to hug his daughters and his wife. His life has changed forever but as he raises this flag he knows why he is here. The red, white and blue tell him that he is free. Free to have his family with him. Free to choose to help those in need as a fireman. Free to worship whatever God he chooses. Free to come together and save the lives of those who had come here with him, just as he knows they would do for him.

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