Paradisaical Excursion

February 21, 2013
Her verdant scarf danced in the wind atop the grassy hill. Her tight slate shorts squeaked with every step she took around the meadow. Her frilly white loose garb blew wildly on her body. And her long, glowing platinum hair waved as the wind grew gentle. She cupped her hands as she held them to her chest and slowly closed her eyes, taking in a whiff of the fragrant air as vivid pink blossom petals majestically soared through the air. As one landed right between her nose, her eyes fluttered for a second as she picked it off her face. For a second, she looked at it with mystification, and then held it to her nose; she softly sighed after taking in its wondrous smell. The crisp grass she walked on in her bare feet felt just right.

Silently, she hummed to herself a merry little tone as she now skipped through the field, bounding with poise and grace seamlessly. The soil was dry and cool as her feet gently sank into it, coating her feet in a thin layer of dirt—she paid no mind to it. Nearby, she’d seen a tree that she again bounded toward. It was massive. As familiar as she was with the area, she’d never come upon such a behemoth of a tree, or one bearing such beautiful green foliage and a myriad of fruits.

With nothing to throw at the towering tree, she decided to climb it. She dexterously swung up into the tree after latching onto the closest branch she could find. Examining the fruit, she found the freshest looking one and plucked a yellow star-fruit ruthlessly from the tree, thinking only of how succulent it would taste. Leaking lots of juice and crunching in her mouth, she closed her eyes and relished in its satiating taste.

She attempted to carefully dismount the tree but got her foot caught on a branch and tumbled to the ground, sustaining a rather nasty fall but managed to roll as she landed. It took only a second for her to regain her composure as she elegantly continued her way through the florid plain.

The sky was an icy blue and there were only wispy thin Cirrus clouds in the sky, allowing the sun to shine its radiance upon the maiden’s radiance, too. Basking in the sunlight, a sudden gale took her as she raised her arms to the sky and let it continue to take her; her hair blew horizontally, and her garb rattled as she was embraced by the wind and was embracing it herself; it rejuvenated her as suddenly she found the strength to bolt through the wind—it was almost as if she was challenging the gust.

Eventually, the wind had died down and the maiden was somewhat disheartened and felt abruptly drained of all will to enjoy the day. But it was not because the wind had left her; it was because she had remembered yet again that despite the fact she lived every day in an illustrious paradise filled with anything she could ever dream of, she existed in the paradise… as the loneliest maiden in the world. And it had been that way from the very beginning. Paradise is only so serene until you realize you can only revel in it by yourself.

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