In the Dark of The Night

August 26, 2008
By Megan Pitino, Greentown, PA

The bleak wind blew brutally as I walked expeditiously out of the grocery store, to where my automobile was parked. As I walked the leaves rustled beneath my feet and the frigid air hit my accessible ears and nose
wildly, I noticed something peculiar. Unfortunately, there was someone following me, and when I turned to where my vehicle was parked, I noticed
the dark figure glaring at me while I nervously tried to open my grappled car door. Fortunately, I got in my car, locked my door immediately, and buckled my seat belt so that I could get out of there as quickly as possible. I glanced into the review mirror to see if I recognized the dark figure that was following me, but when I looked in the mirror he was gone. I turned around prospectively to see if I could spot him but he was nowhere in sight. On the way home I wondered who and why the dark figure would follow me. When I got home to my house, I put my groceries away, sat on my bed to try to relax and then wondered if I was really safe anywhere...

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