Midnight Ride

August 26, 2008
By Kevin Thomas, New Berlin, IL

I lay down, my eyes closed, awaiting the next morning. There is something, somewhere, lingering in my head. I am trying to let go of that something, but can’t; I sit up and head down the dark hall to a familiar door. I open it, and flip the switch, there is a gleaming silver vehicle waiting to be driven. I hop in, turn the key, and put it into reverse. I come out of the driveway to begin my midnight ride. I start to drive as I turn to my favorite station, inducing a new train of thought. Just then, I look down noticing a slender line pointing to “E”. I turn, heading off into civilization, hoping I make it to the gas station. I press down even harder on the pedal, nervousness overwhelming me. There are bright signs all around me; I have made it. I hop out, and pull a rectangular sheet of plastic that is my credit card. After a little while, it is full. I get back into my Corvette, switching into drive, I pull out, there is a large object hurtling towards me. There a various noises buzzing in my mind, a flash of light blinds me. I sit up covered in liquid, realizing it was only a dream.

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