My Sister

August 26, 2008
When I was eleven years old my mom had my baby sister. I was so excited. Finally, I had a sister. My dream had come true. As I held her, she stared into my eyes. Her eyes were beautiful. They were sky blue and I knew that we were going to be best friends for life. Her tiny, fragile fingers wrapped around mine and held on like she never wanted to leave my side.

Two years later she could talk, walk, and was really annoying. My mom would always make me baby-sit her. I thought it was pure torture. During the school year I wouldn’t be able to do my homework because she was so loud. I wished I never had a sister.

One day she was being really cranky so I went to my room and slammed the door right in her face. About thirty seconds later she started screaming and I knew I was in trouble. My mom came in a little later and told me that I had to do anything she wanted with her. I got so mad, but I did it to stay out of getting into more trouble.

From then on my sister and I almost never fought. We were like best friends like I thought we would be in the beginning. She always wanted to be right by my side, but I don’t mind. We were best friends for life.

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