Not a Good Day

May 8, 2008
It was towards the end of the day and she was just getting dropped off by her friend from school. She waved good-bye to her friend as she pulled away in her yellow jeep. She had had a very rough day. She went up to her door and started searching her purse for her keys, she couldn't find them at all, so she went around back to find the spare, but all that was left in it's place was a rusty nail. So she decided to wait on her deck since her mother should be arriving soon. She figured it was no big deal; the sun was out and there was a nice breeze. So after a few minutes, clouds rolled in and she heard a rumbling sound, then saw a flash of light. It then started to pour down rain. She began looking through her purse frantically to find her phone, then realized she had forgot it in her room and it was still on the charger. She thought to herself, "Why can't things ever go right?" Earlier that day, she had overslept, she forgot half her books on her desk in her room, left her lunch at home, and went to the wrong class for first bell. On top of all that, the front door was unlocked. Overall, it was not a good day.

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