May 6, 2008
By Kylie Harrison, Phoenix, AZ

It was a Thursday, the day was long, the night was short when a young mother made the decision that life would be better with an abundance of money regardless of the sacrifice. She decided to trade everything for whatever was inside the bank vault that she discovered. Yes, she was trading away her life, and her family for whatever was behind door number two. You know what was behind door number two? A large abundance of money for when ever she desired, 40 pairs of shoes, a car every year, more clothes than she could ever want and vacations where some of the many luxuries that were there waiting for her behind door number two. She had everything, so she thought. After months and months, the mall became tiring, the jewelry became meaningless and the shoes and purses were used less. The car had become only a means of transportation only and the joys of life and all its riches seems far less important. Life suddenly began to feel unimportant, distant, cold and sad. Her mind began to start to remember simple things like laughter, joy, love, peace, harmony, comfort and most of all the security of a loving family. But how do you find that again? It’s not in a mall, it’s not in a jewelry store and it’s not in a shoe store. Where do you look? She looks in the pet store, so she buys a Papillion named Lola and falls in love with her but that still doesn’t fix her problem. She looks in a posh fitness gym and signs up with a trainer but still doesn’t find what she’s looking for. She looks in the beauty salon and gets her hair styled with the latest style. But there is still no sign of happiness. She even goes to a gay bar only to discover it ain’t happenin’ there either. Perhaps, she should search in her mind, nahh she never did that when the story began. Perhaps some day she’ll find the truth in the orangatang cage at the phoenix zoo. Sometimes the joys of life and love are not as far as we think. They’re alive inside ours minds, our heart, and our soul just hoping that we’re listening to them. Life becomes difficult with this young, beautiful soul nearly because she forgot how simple life could be.

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