May 1, 2008
By Darron Ranger, Poughkeepsie, NY

I want to end it all,
and leave these tears,
I want to forget the dark memories,
that has poisoned my past few years.

Many time i tried to find a cure,
and every time it only seemed to fail.
I have lost all hope and will,
So tonight I set my soul out to sail.

Where will the dark winds take me?
How long until I meet with Time?
Only Death can answer these questions,
As laughs in my eyes and smiles.

Theses monsters and faceless strangers,
Are in my head and speak of Depression.
They wont let me follow my dreams,
and only paint my mind with Regression.

When will I learn from my mistakes?
When will it all end?
I was welcome to break bread with Christ,
But my believes forced me not to attend.

Its me against the world,
with only a broken dream and a still tear.
I said its me against the world,
as the coda of lonely tunes is only here to hear.

When will the notes linger,
Between others ears and before their eyes.
This is the last hope before suicide,
and theres no more tears to cry.

If Yesterday creeps over today,
then I'm too blind to see tomorrow.
Iv tried so hard but I cant find happiness,
So I'm only left with the miseries of my sorrow.

I would of lied if i told you,
that these feelings were untrue.
Like that murky skies that suppresses the sun,
I'm just covered;covered with the blues.

I cant to stand to see myself in the mirror,
I try to change my image, thinking it would relieve the pain,
But whenever a precious gift of life is born,
Another like myself, is slain

I remember what my mother used to tell me,
Before she walked away.
That before the sun begins to shine,
there was first the destruction of the rain.

And if the sun starts to glitter dazzling aroma of amnesty,
Then my death will not be vain.
And if you can never forgive me my friends,
Just remember I did this to end the rain

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