Monkey Business

April 30, 2008
By James Yee, Brooklyn, NY

In the city of lights there once lived a boy named Leonardo. Leonardo was a pure genius; he graduated college at the age of 15 and skipped every grade. As he grew older he was still lost of what he wanted to do with his life. Eventually he applied for a job at NEX a science company doing research for cures for diseases. Sadly, he was denied and he lost all hope once again. This drove him mad. He had never been rejected before.

“I shall get my revenge!” Said Leonardo

“Please escort him out of my building,” said the president of NEX

“You shall see!” Leonardo replied

As Leonardo contemplated his loss he decided to move to Kansas to get away from the city. While in Kansas he started experimenting with animals. All his creations were failures. As he “toyed” with the monkeys he found one with a black chest. He named this one Blacky. He used Blacky in many of his experiments till one day Blacky gained, knowledge. As Leonardo figured out how to make the monkeys gain knowledge, he created more and more. Before anyone knew it he had over 100 monkeys that were loyal to him as his servants. With this he found a new way to get his revenge against NEX Company.

“Come Blacky we need to devise our plan to destroy NEX!”


As Blacky scratched his arm pits Leonardo started writing his plans on a piece of paper. Blacy, having the most intellect saw this as fettle, attempt for attention by Leonardo. But Blacky decided to play along with him. Leonardo decided to send his monkey servants to Manhattan to the NEX Company to destroy iot. Blacky being the first creation was appointed the leader of the monkeys. Before they left Leonardo implanted a tracking device in each of the monkeys. But he felt no need to do so for Black. Little did Leonardo know that this was his downfall. As Blacky and a troop of 100 monkeys made their way through the outskirts of Kansas many people grew suspicious.

Blacky didn’t care, he continued his way to New York, Manhattan. As he passed through Brooklyn many people were roused seeing the monkeys and Blacky thinking of a way to bring the downfall of Leonardo. As the monkeys reached the Brooklyn Bridge many people were terrified of the best. Blacky trying to save the NEX Company tried telling everyone who passed about Leonardo. But Blacky could not speak.

“WOW! A monkey in New York, I guess anything in possible here,” Said the tourist

“I know right, I’ve been living here for 20 years and I saw EVERYTHING possible I could think of,” said the businessman.

As the monkeys entered Manhattan Black finally thought of a plan. He broke away from the group of the monkeys and told them to continue to the NEX building and wait for him there. Blacky rushed back to Kansas at lighting speed with his “powers” that Leonardo provided during his experimentation. As he neared Kansas boarder he grew faint and weary. But he still rushed on. As he approached Leonardo’s place he grew nervous and his heart started pounding harder and harder. But he knew he had to go through with it.

He entered Leonardo’s place and he wasn’t there. Blacky decided to destroy the place so no more monstrosities would be born at the hands of Leonardo. But little did Blacky know Leonardo went to New York to the NEX building. When he was done destroying the place, it was night fall. Blacky decided to take a rest. When the next morning came along he saw a newspaper on the floor the headline read “NEX Building Destroyed Due to Monkey Attack” Blacky was too late to stop Leonardo. His efforts were futile and Blacky felt hopeless.

As Blacky continued reading the newspaper it said “Suspect Who Created the Monkeys is Unknown.” This was Blacky’s only chance to do what he thought was right. Again he traveled to New York to try to tell the police who had done it. But everyone in New York was on the look out for dangerous monkeys. Blacky needed a way to stop Leonardo before he went too far and hurt someone. Blacky decided to go to the police even though it would mean his downfall. As he entered the police station the cops immediately drew their guns in despair. But Blacky put his hands up in grief to show he meant no harm. The police, stubborn and hostile, shot at his leg. A bullet his and Blacky was taken in by the police. In custody they were interrogating him; it took them three hours to finally figure out that Blacky did not know English. They gave him a pen and paper.

“Here write down who did it!” exclaimed the officer.


“Leonardo?” questions the officer.

As Blacky hoped he finally had a chance to tell him who the culprit was. On the paper he wrote Leonardo. But the cops had no clue what it meant. All Blacky kept writing was Leonardo. The cops decided to investigate to see who Leonardo was. They had found out that there was only one person who had applied for a job at NEX and was shot down. Blacky finally got through. Later that day Leonardo was captured and tried for his actions. Blacky was victorious and Leonardo was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of paroll.

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