April 30, 2008
By humma karim, Brooklyn, NY

Stalkers, everybody wonders what goes through their heads. I really want to know. Are they psychotic? Do they realize what they are doing? Well here’s a story you’ll love to hear. There’s a bunch of us who hang out together. Its just us four girls and one guy. We have been friends ever since freshmen year. All of a sudden everything changed when we started our junior year in high school.

It all started second cycle junior year, when our guy friend Derek started acting different. He started cutting all of his classes and failing them. He thought of himself as a “bad boy.” We didn’t like this change. He thought he was a know-it –all. He was “fake” being nice to you, but when you weren’t around he talked a lot of crap about you. There was one person in our group who he hated with a passion her name is Amanda but she never knew what was going on. Derek only trusted one person and that was Caren. He told Caren everything he wanted to do to Amanda but he never told her why he hated her so much. Amanda was a sweet girl but she also spoke her mind freely. We thought maybe she said something to him, but then again we all say stuff to him.

During J band computer class Amanda opened her saved files to find nothing in it. All of her work gone. That couldn’t have happened out of nowhere. She told the teacher. She couldn’t figure out what happened either. Amanda had to do all of her work again. Nobody noticed the grin on Derek’s face. Caren knew but didn’t say anything.
A couple of weeks later it happened again. But this time Caren couldn’t take it anymore she had to tell but she needed proof. She told me everything Derek was planning to do there was more than just the deleted work. He had more on his mind.

“I can’t believe this is happening” I told Caren.
“I can’t even look at him anymore, he’s psycho.”

I wanted to tell Amanda everything but I didn’t know how. Caren got the courage to tell Amanda a few days later. Amanda was furious she wanted to go up to him and pull his hair out. But again we didn’t have any proof. Amanda went to class and told the teacher of whom she suspected to have deleted her work. After class the teacher asked Derek if he did it. He denied it. I wanted to slap him across the face for lying through his teeth. Caren still pretending to be on Derek’s side asks him to write a contract saying that they will never tell anyone about what happened. Oh but Caren had trick up her sleeve.

She gave that contract to the teacher. He was going to get into a lot of trouble. The teacher called the deans and his mother he got suspended. He never told us why he hated her and why he was doing this to her. But in the end he’s the one who lost. Yes, he lost his only friends.

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