The Midnight Hour

April 30, 2008
By Kayleen Bishko, Gouldsboro, ME

One dark and cold night, Isabella Cherue wandered the halls of her old Victorian home making her way to the front door. As she walked, she quickly slipped on her shoes and jacket . Silently, she opened the door and took a step outside, only to stifle a scream as she walked straight into an occupied spider’s nest. Grimaceing in disgust, she wiped it away, and began to walk again.Swiftly, she made her way to the graveyard.

Once she got there, she searched for the tomb of her long dead husband, Edward Cherue. Finding it, she knelt and drew her fingers slowly and sadly over the faded writing.

"I am here, my husband, once again," she said softy remembering his begging to her on his death bed, making her promise him to come and kneel by his grave every night of the full moon at midnight. Once more she sat listing to the baying wolves coming out of the darkness,hearing them she smiled ruefully; her husba``
nd had always been fascinated by wolves and their nature.

Once again they howled, only now it was much closer and she thought that she could hear the sadness and longing in their howls.Still she did not move for she refussed to break her promise no matter how frightened she was besides, she thought, they have never bothered me why would they now?

Once more the sound of the wolves came to her, seeming frightfully close. Frightened a last ,she backed up against the tombstone. The bushes and leaves began to rustle at the entrance of the graveyard,and terror rose in her chest and her throat tightened with fear as a large russet-brown wolf steeped out of the bushes and following it was a white wolf, a tawny one and four others though these three were obviously the leaders.

Isabella shivered in fear, the air seemed to shift and quiver around the wolves bodies ,something about these animals was not right, they were, somehow unnatural.

"Wh-what is going on?!" she whispered, to herself or to the wolves she was not sure . The russet brown wolf looked into her eyes and she felt as if it could see into her soul. Isabella looked back steadily seeing something oddly familiar in those dark,intelligent eyes. The russet brown wolf swished his tail in a dismissive gesture and four of the wolves backed away and disappeared into the forest. Now only the large russet brown wolf the white wolf and the tawny wolf remained.Slowly the russet wolf walked forward and sat down directly in front of her he barked once, barred his teeth and left his long toung lolling out of the side of his mouth in what was obviously a wolfish grin. To Isabella,who had seen many pictures of wolves looking mean and vicious, the scene was utterly ridiculous and she let out
A a small giggle.

The white wolf came up to sit regally beside the russet wolf. The white wolf let out a short series of yips and barks and than both the tawny wolf, the russet wolf and the white wolf stood and left her disappearing noiselessly into the forest.

Isabella sat by the tombstone and waited ,wondering if they would come back .Suddenly she heard voices and three people appeared one women and two men .The woman was beautiful and magistic, with pale peach skin and long flowing locks of black hair, she had full red lips and a stubborn chin. But her eyes were the thing that struck Isabella with awe, for the woman had emerald green eyes with flecks of gold and in those eyes was endless intelligence and a hidden secret.The two men were handsome and looked alike both with shaggy black-brown hair that fell to their ear lobes.But their eyes were differant, one had pure turquoise blue eyes while the other had eyes that looked like rich and golden honey.In both pairs of eyes was the infanite intellagence and the same hidden secret,but in the golden eyes there was a sense of deep longing and an intense, almost reluctant look of sorrow.

Suddenly she realized who the men looked like. The man with the blue eyes looked like Jacob, Edwards twin brother and the man with the golden eyes looked like Edward.

“Hello.”said the woman, her voice sounded like soft velvet.

“H-H-Hello.Who are you?Why do those men look like Edward and Jacob?What's going on?What do you want?” asked Isabella.

“So many questions Bella, so many quetions.”The woman laughed musicly. “Dear Bella,they look like them because that is who they are.”
Jacob and Edward moved forward,with a catlike grace.

Suddenly a snarl ripped out of Edward's throat as Jacob shifted into a crouch slowly Jacob stood backup and Edward ceased his snarls.

“You were the wolves?”asked Isabella as everything finally came together.

“Because dear,”said Edward “it is who we are ,who we have always been ,who we always will be.But I met you And then” he sighed”than stupidly I fell in love with you and now”he said regretfully “i simply cannot live without you and I cannot live with you therefore i must kill you”

Isabellal tried to scream but couldn’t,because her fear had left her breathless, and tried to back up, only to realize that she was pressed up against the tomb stone.

The two men left and soon returned as wolves, the women, who had stayed to make sure Isabella did not leave, than left and also returned.Isabella mixed with a strange sense of relief, helplessness and a terrifying fear, sat up against the tomb that would soon become her own.She did not struggle and she did not scream as she slowly died ,but she wept silently, not at the pain of dying but at that of her heart breaking.

To this very day at the hour of midnight you can still here the sad and mournfull cries of the wolves, mixed with the sound of teardrops falling on leaves.

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