MIracle from Above

April 24, 2008
By Monique Rogers, Austin, TX

Big bright stars danced with the moon in the sky. Everything was quiet and calm. The whole neighborhood was sound asleep except for at Jennifer’s house. The constant arguing, drinking, and cursing was driving her crazy. All she wanted was to be alone…

Jennifer was 14 years old and she lived with her alcoholic father. Her mom had died when Jennifer was only 4 years old. She died from a stroke. Even though Jennifer was young when her mother died she remembered her very well. She loved her mother very much and wished that she was there with her now.

Jennifer wasn’t a bad looking girl. She had long black hair and dark eyes and a slender body. She was already in the 9th grade and was doing very well. She hated going home to her father but she knew she had to.

Her dad wasn’t this bad in the beginning. He worked very hard and very seldom drank. They lived together as one big happy family. Mom and Dad where perfect for each other. They knew they would be together until they were both in adult diapers. But that’s not what happened. Everything turned for the worse.

The struggle was hard but she survived. Through all the storms and the rain she held her head up.

[2 years later]
Finally she urged her father to rehab. They worked together on their problem. He started going to church and even got a better paying job. He stopped cursing and started to listen to her more.

It was like a miracle happened. All it took was a littler hard work and elbow grease to get the job done. She knew the whole time this was happening her mother had been with her every step of the way. “Thank you mom,” she said silently to herself, “thank you.”

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