Cold Burial

February 11, 2013
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The darkness enveloped me as i felt the powdery snow being packed onto my head. The light fluffy powder grew heavier as it settled on my back. I began breathing a little heavier and a little faster. I'm okay, i thought to myself. It's just a game, I'll come out if i need to. Faster and fasterI began hyperventilating and trying not to move as my friends giggled and packed more snow on me. Finally as they were putting the last bits of snow on my legs I began to see spirals. Twirling, like the pinwheels i held out the car window as a kid. That feeling when you stand up too fast was creeping its way into my head and chest. I need to get out, i thought, though i kept my mouth shut. Just a few more seconds, until a car comes and i can jump out. I waited longer. Dizziness swept over me like an ocean wave. Suddenly it felt like i was flying. Air whipping past my face like I was in a tornado. A light burst out in front of me, and the whole world brightened. I ran out of the darkness, into the warmth and the hope. Dancing and leaping into the light, I left this world without a soul knowing.

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