Dream a Simple Dream of Me

August 25, 2008
By Kelsey Snyder, Dublin, OH

Matt surged forward, with no intention of slowing. As he neared the edge he ran even faster. "I'm sorry, Alice." and he was gone. Alice's knees buckled, and she collapsed. She didn't care that her boyfriend was watching. She let the tears flow freely. Matt, her best friend she told everything to, te person who could cheer her up, the only one who knew her inside and out, was gone. "Matt, no!" She cried out in vain. She noticed that her love was not comforting her. She looked around, only to find her love had disapeared. She could have sworn he was here when she started her dream. Alice decided to pay her respects to her former best friend, so she walked closer to the cliff. She moved slowly, as if moving too fast will make her fall apart. She finally made it to the edge, and she felt a slight pressure on her shoulder. Alice turned her head to see, next to her, with his chin resting on her shoulder, was Matt.

The author's comments:
This is my seventh submission to TeenInk, and I was working on this for most of the summer.

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