Charcterization of a Shadow

February 6, 2013
In Silver City, Washington there is a girl no one knows. She is a shadow in the halls of Wisteria HighSchool. She keeps to herself. She has no friends, she sits in the back of every class, and even the teachers don't know her name. She is a mystery that no one ever solved. Outside by the woods she sits under a large oak tree running her hands through her silky white-blond hair. As she pulls out the leather bound notebook she always carries, she cracks the gum she has been chewing. Reading over her writing with her emerald green eyes,she looks down to her shoes. Her beat up grey high tops are covered in symbols and words only she understands. She has pale skin which contrasts against her black nail polish. The girls' writing keeps her grounded, yet allows her to explore the world around her. She is Willow Ember Faux. She is 16, and she is no one special. Willow is shy she comes out of her shell in her words,in her writing. Her notebook is her life, she never goes anywhere without it. Willow absolutely hates the thought of ever being the center of anyone's attention. Willow can only be described by her name sake, a weeping willow. She is content with life and sways with the wind.

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