Shadow In The Mirror

February 6, 2013
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...I wrap a towel around my body covered in warm drops of water as i open the door of the shower, the drops of water dry up intently as my hairs along my arms stands on end.. The bathroom is so foggy & chilly stepping out of the tub, i cant see the mirror that's not even 2 feet away. A weird gust of wind comes through & gives me the creeps and chills run down my spine.
As the gust of wind went by I heard a cold cruel eerie voice say, "I'm watching you. . . " stretching on as what appears to be forever As I try to whip away some smoke off the mirror with another towel. I go to the mirror to find words saying, "Watch your back . . . I'm out there and waiting . . . " in big bold letters across the mirror. I tried to scream but nothing came out. It got stuck in my throat as hands seemed to go around my throat & attempts to squeeze the air out.
The hands vanish as fast as they came making me shiver from my head down my spine through my toes. . And that same voice creped up and spoke to me once again "Watch your back I'm coming for you" My skin goes icy cold, my eyes turn blood red, and pupils go huge. There was a weird figure more of a shadow in the mirror watching me with just visible eyes seen . My eyes nearly popped out of my own head as I struggle to get the door open and basically give myself a heart attack before I could. As i burst through the doors and I turn to look back for some stupid reason. . .It. . . Was. . . Gone . . .
Jumping on my bed with all the lights on towel, blanket and all covering my still soaked skin leaning my head on the wall quickly closing my paranoid eyes heart beating faster and faster. A smile forms as the tears begin to fall freely down my face rethinking that I’m just seeing things. Suddenly my bedroom door closes slowly revealing the mirror on my door. Fogged and cracked, my eyes go wide looking at a even more visible foggy figure on my door appears to me with blood red eyes devilishly grinning towards me.
Yanking my head to the left harshly squeezing my eyes shut trying to imagine things away “This is all in my head.. please this is all in my head…” The door swings open hitting the wall behind someone yelling at me. But I’m too scared to look until I feel someone’s’ hand softly yet affirmatively awaken me as if I were sleeping “Hey, hey! Are you okay?”
My eyes flutter open scared and paranoid grabbing the hand on my leg stuttering the words out my mouth. “Uh, I-I don’t know.. I swear I just saw something.. someone? In the mirrors….” Too scared to look as Danny looks for me his heart begins to pick up looks cautiously. Danny lets out a sigh of relief and a chuckle. “ Its okay, nothing’s there.” I Fly off the bed blanket dropping to the floor. “No way! There has to be! The mirror in here and the bathroom was fogged there was even fog under the door!” I spattered nervously while swinging the door back and forth looking at every inch of it.
Dropping to the floor confused and dazed murmuring to myself “could I be..? no.. I don’t know.. I wonder if.. not possible! Or is it… mind.. crazy.. I have to go back to sleep….” My eyes begin to close and I feel a warm embrace around me holding and hugging me tight. Rocking me slightly saying “It’s alright, I’m here.” In the back of my mind I can hear a small eerie voice speaking to me saying “ Shadow in the mirror…I’ll be back… Shadow in the mirror”

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