January 30, 2013
I remember our time together so clearly, like it was only a week ago. In reality it’s been almost 3 years since Elias Mireles had asked me to be his girlfriend. After a few weeks of going out with Elias, I was walking through the halls of school thinking about how head over heels in lust I was with him. He was the sweetest boy I had ever met.

He slipped me notes in between class periods that would make me laugh or blush. He would surprise me by sticking little presents in my locker, such as a flower or one specific time he left me a stone in the shape of a heart. Elias was my best friend and I was glad we were together. The day he told me he was leaving was just like any other day.

“You’re thinking about him again” sighed my best friend, Ashton Stewart.

“No I’m not!” I protested feeling caught.

“You always touch the necklace he gave you and look all big-eyed in love when you’re thinking of him”.

“I am not IN love with him. I just love him. And anyways…oof” I looked up and who had I run right into? Elias. My heart pounding, more from being startled than hurt, I looked up and smiled so big I’m sure I looked like a cheesy idiot. “Bye, Ashton. See you after lunch!” I said through my teeth, still smiling, hoping she would get the hint.

“Yeah, whatever. Have fun lovebirds.” I watched Ashton walk to her class, making sure she was okay. When I turned my attention back to Elias, I was surprised with a big kiss right on the lips.

“Well that was unexpected. What was that for?” I usually wouldn’t question it but he had a weird look on his face.

“Just felt like it” he explained. “C’mon. I want to go to my locker before we eat lunch.” As we walked towards his locker, I casually slipped my hand in his. Elias wasn’t much for public affection but I figured after the kiss in front of everybody, I’d give it a shot. It worked. He gently squeezed my hand when we had reached his locker. He was in the middle of spinning his lock when he let go of it and looked at me.
“I’m leaving. I have to go to Arizona” he mumbled quickly without meeting my eyes.

“Well, okay.” It didn’t seem like such a big deal. I knew he had family there. “For how long?”

“Long. We’re moving there. We’re moving in with my aunt.” Right then everything went kind of blurry. My best friend, the person I thought I LOVED, was leaving me.

“But. I love you…” I finally said the three words out loud. The words everyone is afraid to say. Then I found out why everyone was afraid.

“I know you do” was his simple answer. He didn’t say it back.

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