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Maiden in the Current

January 30, 2013
By magnoliacricket SILVER, Greenville, Georgia
magnoliacricket SILVER, Greenville, Georgia
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Chapter 1. Resting in the Homeless Sea
In the green swaying ocean , sits what most think is vast emptiness. Most who sail out never come back to where they first set off. It’s called the Sea of Homeless to the people on the land. What once was your home will never come back to you and whether you find a new home is to the fate of Custos , the guardian of the sea.

Custos was a unknown force.. The mysterious being who makes wild waters with waves as tall as towers, or the perfect stillness that makes a reflection of heaven on Earth. Custos did not have a gender and those who saw the being were blown away by the power and grace that shined.

The people often depended on Custos and many didn’t dare to venture out to Custos’s domain.

A fable came suddenly out of nowhere, as if made up by a child but spoken from a respected man. Out in the sea was a beautiful woman , a princess who’s beauty was indescribable. The man Duke Pagadoni yelled to the people in the market. “ There is a maiden trapped at sea!! She’s been out there for hundreds of years traveling with the currents ! This maiden is a beloved of Custos and if someone weds her than Custos will be at our mercy!!” Most were worried the Duke had lost his mind..

“ Young men you should seek her out! Any man would be the luckiest and most respected for having the young maiden as a wife! Just imagine the beauty she possesses!” It was then the young men were interested and volunteering to sail off. The men who were experienced in sailing still thought it was a waste till the Duke offered more. “ For all you men who are already wed I’ll give something else! I’ll give you all the gold I own if you bring this maiden for me to wed!”

“ I’ll marry that beauty you see!!” chimed a butcher . “ No you can’t ! You’ve never been in the ocean you fool!!” dock builder yelled.

The duke waved his hand to the crowd “ Silence eager adventurers I know the perfect thing ! We will hold a ultimate race for the chase of her heart! It will be dangerous but I’m sure you have no fear, but the trick is to make it back here !”

The cities waited for the perfect day when Custos was the most pleasant. The sky was bright and the sails were flying in the wind. Boats huge and small , bright and dull , and floating and sinking sat on the shore! Everyone cheered and confetti flew and even the musicians played a tune. The duke cut the ribbon and blew the horn and off the men went till they weren’t seen anymore.

The mothers wept and children laughed because this was a day full of hope.

All seemed calm and the children waited on the docks for the men. Weeks passed and the people still celebrated because not a single storm had come.

Months went by and people started to become weary.. by a year most tried to make up excuses ..

One day a little boy walked along the beach searching the horizon. Far away he saw the wood , the bright colors, and the sails!! They had come ! They made it back home! The people gathered yelling for the boats to come closer and to see who was the victor!

The boats came closer to the shore .. but the people were shocked at what they saw. The boats were the same as the day they took off, there were no signs of struggle or trouble but one thing was missing.. Not a single man was on the boats. They just disappeared in thin air.. The people were silent , knowing Custos didn’t need a storm or large waves to take back the sea.

No one dared to talk about it ever again. No one was allowed to mention the Maiden Race . Most of all no one was ever , no matter what , allowed to sail into the sea, for the unknown was the most frightening .

The author's comments:
I want to add more to this story but I wrote the background story because I wanted to make a tale good enough to read to children. Good enough to make my cousin ask for more and be as excited as the others. So I dedicate this story to my cousin Grace :3

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