Its time for tea

January 26, 2013
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once upon a time a child looked into the world of magic and wonder, it was everything she'd ever dreamed about. She could see the unicorns and rainbows, she saw the fairies and the mermaids, it was every little girls dream. She reached a hand into the world and she saw the wonders that she could do. If just one hand became this magnificent, then what could all of her become? This little girl thought long and hard, she thought of the possibilities of this magical world, and she knew it was everything she wanted. She went to enter this world of wonder, when she hesitated and thought of home. What would her loving mother say? What would her family do without her? Would they cry? Or maybe believe she was dead? Would she miss her parents and her brothers and sisters? She stood there, halfway in and halfway out of the beautiful world, and she turned her head and could hear the mermaids singing. Their song told of beatiful skys, of dragons and fairies, and beautiful things she couldnt even begin to imagine.
But could she leave the ones she loved for this?
Would anybody there be capable of loving her back?
The little girl stepped fully out of the wonderous world, and she mournfully shut the door.
And as she skipped home she wondered what her mother would say.
But alas! She would have to save this story for another day.
After all, she was late for tea.

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