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The beauty underneath ugliness.

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Once upon a time in faraway land there lived a very lonely princess,she didn't have any freinds and she lost all hope of a freind after trying to find one for about two years.
The reason no one wanted to be her freind was because the princess's face was very ugly but she was very smart.
This princesses name was Princess was Amelia and her puppy's name was Violet.
Violet loved the Princess very much and didn't care about how ugly she was.
Unlike other princess,Amelia loved to cook and her parents also allowed her to cook anytime she wanted.
One day a young prince rode past the castle,Princess Amelia looked out the kitchen window and saw the prince.
"Oh I would love to have a freind.I wonder if that prince would like to be my freind."said Princess Amelia "No,he won't.Not someone as ugly as me."
Amelia stirred the porridge and sang a very sad song and eventhough she was ugly she had a beautiful voice and could cook very well.
The prince heard her singing and he could smell her porridge.The prince followed the smell and song and he came to the castle and he saw the kitchen window and Amelia's beautiful black hair. (She was turning her back to the window.)
"That's a nice song that you're singing."said the prince looking at the window.
Amelia stopped singing and almost turned around but she stopped herself knowing that whoever was talking to her would leave seeing her face.
"Please don't stop singing."said the prince "I'm prince Ike of Albarto."
"I am princess Amelia."said Princess Amelia "Nice to meet you prince Ike."
"It's not nice to talk to people with your back turned to them."said Prince Ike
"Oh I know that but if I turn around you wouldn't talk to me and would run away.said Princess Amelia
The Prince thought for a moment and said "It's okay.I promise that I won't run away.Turn around."
Slowly princess Amelia started to turn around. At last she was looking at the prince and he was looking at her.
"You see,I'm not pretty as you thought I was.I'm very ugly."said Princess Amelia
"Well you are right!You are very ugly!"said the Prince
Princess Amelia looked down.
"I'm sorry but I must go now."said the prince riding away.
"Oh I knew he would never be my freind,how could he when he sees my face?"Princess Amelia said to herself.
She put all the porridge that she made into a big bowl and took it to her room so that she can sit and eat it with Violet and not think about what just happened.
That night the Princess fell asleep after a long time of thinking about what to do about her ugliness.
The next day was a very busy day as King Galo and his son,Prince Daso of the nearest kingdom who was a dear freind of Princess Amelia's father was going to visit.
Amelia was very excited about their visit and she wished that she could see the prince for herself.
Princess Amelia went to her father. "Father I was wondering if I could come to the feast that we having to celebrate king Galo's visit.Oh may I father,please?"asked Princess Amelia.
The King looked at his ugly daughter and sighed.He knew how much she wanted to have a freind but would his freind's son like to be her freind?
He thought he should give her a chance.
"Well if you really want to come then you can come."said the King
That night Princess Amelia combed her hair,and put on a beautiful dress and a veil over her face which only showed some of her face.
So no one could even guess she was ugly.
When she went down,everyone looked and wondered who this beautiful maiden could be and since they didn't see the face that well,they never knew she was ugly.
Princess Amelia went and sat near her father the king.
"Why are you covering your face Amelia?"asked the king
"I don't want to show my ugliness to anyone."said Amelia "Then no one would laugh at you,my father."
The king looked at his loving daughter and he felt sad at what she thought.
"You don't have to hide yourself to make others stop their laughing,my darling.You can stay just the way you are."said the king
"This is my choice."said Princess Amelia
"Very well."said the king
When they finished talking,they watched the other people dancing.
"Would you like to dance with me?"asked a boy of her age coming up to Princess Amelia
Princess Amelia looked at her father and the king nodded with a smile.
"I would be delighted."said Princess Amelia taking the boy's hand which was being held up to her.
They danced for about what seemed an hour then the boy decided to talk with this princess.
"My name is Prince Daso and I believe your father,King Merline is a good freind of my father."said the Prince
"Yes,I think he is a very good freind of King Galo,your father.Nice to meet you Prince Daso,I'm Princess Amelia."said Amelia
"I know but why are you covering your face?"asked the prince
Princess Amelia looked down and after a while lifted her head again."I cannot tell anyone the reason as to why I cover my face but I shall give you a clue."said Princess Amelia
"I'm listening."said the Prince
"I cover my face so that no one would laugh at my father and so that no one would leave this feast in fright."said Princess Amelia
"Well then you must be covering your face because you very ugly."said the Prince
"If that is what you think then you may keep thinking that."said Princess Amelia walking away from the feast to the garden where she could have some peace.
The prince didn't like to except the answer that Princess Amelia gave and he ran after her.At last he reached the garden after searching for Princess Amelia everywhere.
"I would like to know whether my answer was right."said the Prince walking to Princess Amelia
Princesss Amelia turned around. "You would run away and ruin the feast."said Princess Amelia
"I promise that I would not do so."said the prince.
Princess Amelia looked at the star lit sky and wished that she had a face which could be presentable to others.
"I'm waiting."said the prince
"So I see."said Princess Amelia
"Where is my answer?"asked the Prince
"Right here."said Princess Amelia lifting her veil.
The Prince was very suprised at what he saw.
"You see?I am the ugliest thing on earth."said Princess Amelia
"Ugly?"asked the prince "I would call it pure beauty."
"Beauty?"asked Princess Amelia looking at her reflection in the water.
She was amazed by what she saw.
"What happened to me?"she asked
"You changed my darling.I' ve seen the good things that you've done and as a reward I have given you pure beauty."said the prince
Princess Amelia turned around and instead of the prince there was a fairy her own size.
"I remember how well you treated the poor people of your town by sending them gold and jewellery when you found out that they did not have money and you took care of Violet who I was disguised as and all the other animals with a lot of love.I am very happy about what you did."said the fairy
"Thank you for changing me."said Princess Amelia "You aren't Prince Daso are you?"
"I didn't lie,my dear Amelia.I am a prince but not Prince Daso.I am prince Antonio of the Human-fairies.I have seen your kindness and I'm afraid that I have fallen in love with you and your inner beauty.Tell me will you marry me?"asked the Human-fairy
Princess Amelia smiled.
"You were my freind even when I was ugly and I will always love you."said Princess Amelia
"Does that mean Yes?"asked Prince Antonio
"Yes."said Princess Amelia with a smile
When the king found out about this,he cried with joy.
"I always knew your heart was pure my dear."he said "We will arrange a marraige very soon,no,we will have the marraige tomorrow."
All the human-fairies and the people of that country came to the wedding and the royal families from other lands came as well since this was the first time a Fairy and Princess got married.
Even Prince Ike was there and he was very sad that he couldn't marry Princess Amelia.
Everyone at the wedding was very happy and after that they lived happily ever after.
As you can all see it doesn't matter how ugly someone may look because it what the person looks like inside that matters,not what you look like outside.
MY QUOTATION:Greatness doesn't come from how strong or rich you are but greatness comes from doing right with all your heart and might.

MORAL:Beauty comes from who you are inside not what you look like outside.


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