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August 15, 2008
It is a crowded day in Omonia, people talking about Olympics. My name is Charlie; I am a former superintendent of the Scotland Yard. My cousin, Joseph, is one of the participants in the long jump event. He told me that I could come with him; lately I have been drinking a lot because I resigned from the Scotland Yard for not getting a promotion, usually I do not drink too much but lately I have been depressed. In my twenty years of service in the Scotland Yard I have never argued with the commissioner, but I wanted the position so badly, when the commissioner heard this he said to me that what I was going through was a mid life crisis, he made me really furious that I left and resigned from the Scotland yard. I actually came here to look for opportunity to work in Athens. I had better start making some tea. Oh! I wish I had not left the Scotland Yard this is a chaotic place. However, I had to find a job before my old brains become rusted. The bell has rung and I think its Joseph.

Joseph looked awfully worried, I have never seen him so much worried, he asked for some water, after a few sips he sat back and relaxed. I saw a dead body of Ryan stabbed twice at the back in the lavatory of the Athens Olympic stadium said Joseph, are the cops there? Yes of course but they have no idea who is the assassin, all the competitors were training except for Ryan and some other Olympic officials. However, they were in the west entrance and the trainers and the participants were in the east side. Therefore, there is no way they would go into the restroom unless ofcourse the sponsors were still there. You need to be changed fast for the opening ceremony. Oh and I almost forgot that I got a ticket for you for the opening ceremonial. I will come but I will contact the police, and enquire about the finer details of the murder and do my own investigation. I bet that I will find the murderer by the end of the Olympics.

There is still some time I think I can leave and go talk to some officials. It is not difficult to find an official as there uniform is black. Aha! There they are, hello officer. Good evening, what do you want sir the officer asked in a Greek accent sounding pleasant. He asked me whether I was a cop. I answered him in the same pleasant voice, yes I am. He asked me from where I was from and a few other questions. I asked him whether I could join the police department. After a minute or so, he was delighted to know that I used to work for the yard he told me that they needed my help, he also stated that they needed someone who has the work experience. I was so happy that I did not realize the time, I was suppriced to see the time I had actually missed the whole first half of the opening ceremony. Nevertheless, I was glad that the parade was not over and Great Britain was one of the last countries in the procession. Well the rest of the night ended in a pretty note. Coach Jacobson has been arrested for murdering a professional athlete. Joseph was shocked as I was. Even though he was not Joseph’s coach, he knew the coach very well as he was a previous high school coach and he was the most lenient coach I had ever seen, Joseph said to me that he could not have done a serious crime like that, he was kind gentle person. Even though the police said that he was on a rage with him for not performing well my cousin told me that killing would have been the last thing he could have thought of, but he did mention to me he had a high blood pressure.

It was around two in the afternoon, Alas! At last I found the cop who I had talked to last night, when I told about what my cousin told me, he replied to me by saying that they had enough evidence to support that the coach was the assassinate. I was so shocked that I could not talk. I immediately left to take the local bus to Athens Olympics sports complex. Things happening in sequence just ran in my head, could it be possible that that coach Jacobson could murder the athlete, or has he been framed? Even if he is framed who has framed it? There are millions of people who could have framed him for a couple of many reasons. I needed to check the autopsy. I didn’t ask the cop for the report as the results would not have come. At about four o’clock, there was not a single person at sight I was disappointed because the restroom was clean, but still there was a blood stain at the corner underneath the washbasin.

This proved that there was a long gap of time between the time the murder took place and the time when the murder was discovered. I then went to meet one of the police who had been placed since the murder took place. I greeted him and then he inquires whether I am the one who used to work for the Scotland Yard. I was so astonished I had never seen anybody in my entire life that was so courteous to me, a former police officer. He looked a bit more knowledgeable than the cop I had met yesterday. I asked him when was he free so that he could depict the crime scene for me. He said in an hour’s time his shift was over. He told me that I could stroll around the ground but not to disturb anybody. I smiled and said that I am just going to be near the crime scene. I was inspecting the floor when I realized that the tile next to the pipe line was a bit cracked. I tried to open the tile and it came open without much of a struggle, I was shocked to see the site of the benson500. It looked a tad tarnished on the outside, but it still was in a perfect condition to kill a person . Then I heard the door open and then the huge figure of the guard whom I had met almost an hour ago was there staring at the weapon I was holding. I then went to the house cleaner and asked him what was his name was, he replied by saying that is name was homer, the next question I asked him was when did he clean the floor and he said that he cleaned it around eight in the morning. I then asked him did he notice a broken tile. He said in a rather surprised way that he did not. So the murderer new the whereabouts of almost everyone, he might have thought that after the cleaning no one would have come and therefore only planting the murder weapon in a tile underneath one of the washbasin. I informed the officer about the information I had gathered. Oh my god! I have lost track of the time. It’s almost five past quarter, I had better get going, and I reached the bus stop at the right time, a minute late I would have had to take the next bus. I reached the hotel room and told Joseph it was unlikely that the coach of Ryan was the murderer but it was someone who he knew. Did you tell that to the police? Well I informed the guard and he said he would most certainly inform the police.

The next day was a bright day, I went to the police station for enquiring did they find anything else. I saw Inspector General Achaia, he told me to sit down and he stared at me looking at me uneasily, asking me my name and then telling me that they could use my service right away. I said that it would be splendid; This was good news to me; he then told me that the information he gave the guard the day before was very big information and said that the coach had been released due to lack of witnesses, and then he added that the Olympics schedule would not be changed. Then I.G Achaia said that Jacobson had told this to him earlier before he was arrested
That he saw a mysterious person in the lavatory, did he see the face of this mysterious person? No, I believe he did not see as he was in the toilet but he told me he did hear a shrieking sound I think he was assassinated at that time, said Inspector General Achaia. That is why I had arrested him not sure whether he was telling the truth to me. Now tell what your plan of action?, well I need to go back to the Athens Olympics sports complex . I grabbed a sandwich on the way I was so ravenous that I could eat up a horse.

There I was again in sports complex, only thing this time it is only me, so no one will be there to disturb me. I could find nothing else but I remember I had missed something, but I don’t recollect it. So I guess that I have to investigate all over again. I just can’t believe the stains are still there, this means that I have to pay much needed visit to Mr. Homer.

I tapped a few times, no answer came, so called out to him and he said who was it and then he said that I could come in, I said to him straight to him that he was lying about not seeing the broken tile, this made him shiver a bit. Then I told him to tell the truth otherwise I had sufficient evidence to prove that you are guilty. He then said in a low and sorrow voice much unlike him that he saw the broken tile hesitantly and he said he saw the revolver but he did not kill him. Wait a minute so you saw the revolver before the murder, yes sir without any hesitation remember the mysterious person I was talking about I think that he was the one that placed the revolver. Then why didn’t you tell the police immediately, I was scare that I would be arrested. Do you think that the coach killed him? No sir I don’t think so. Why? Because he doesn’t look like a person who can commit a crime, he is like the gentlemen type of person. Then who do you think that killed him, again sweat coming off his fore head. Mumbling I don’t know. Spit out the truth I know people when they lie, please cooperate with me. Okay! I will tell you that I think it was one of the people in the staff because he was wearing a staff uniform; I did not want to tell you that were because most of my friends are in the staff. Now tell me which person in the staff has a more possibility and opportunity of murdering. None of my friends like violence, then it is you who killed him stop lying to me, one more lie and you will be answering to the I.G. okay I will tell the truth I killed the person but it was only accidental, I did not intent to kill him. I actually wanted to kill the coach so I had planted the revolver underneath the tile beforehand. The coach was inside the toilet took a long time, I was having the revolver in hand I did not expect someone else to be there but that sportsmen ruined everything for me. After I shot him I realized that the coach was still in the toilet. So I could not do anything but just run before anybody sees me. So you ran with the pistol and then next day when you were asked to clean you came back with the hand gun and placed it at the same spot, yes that was part of the plan said homer interrupting me and then you saw the stain right next to the tile but you did not clean it as you were aware that we could have cross-examine you and find out you were lying if you had cleaned that spot. I am calling the police, you are under arrest mister.

What did I tell you I told you that I could solve the case before Olympics ended, see I solved the case even before the long jump event.

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