Don't Get Distracted

August 14, 2008
A young raven flew swiftly through the woods in search of food. It had been several days and he hadn’t found anything to eat. As he scanned the forest floor, he came across a raspberry bush. The raven flew down to check if there were any berries.
He hopped around the bush but there seemed to be no berries left. He pulled back a leafy branch and saw something he had never seen before. It was an orange raspberry!
“An orange raspberry is very rare,” The raven said to himself. He picked the berry off the branch and flew up into a nearby tree. He set it down on a leaf and said, “I have never seen anything like you before, and I shall keep you. You shall be mine and I shall never eat you.”
Despite the raven’s being hungry, he was distracted by the rarity and the beauty of the raspberry. So he didn’t eat the raspberry, and starved to death instead.

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