Moonlight Serenity

August 15, 2008
I loosely tug at the navy colored comforter resting on my twin bed. Pushing it down towards my feet, I wipe the sweat accumulating at my greasy hairline, which grabs hold of my chestnut hair. A deep sign of annoyance comes from within my chest, and corresponds with the thrashing of my body to find a comfortable position. Tonight's nightmare had jolted me awake, and left me in the current predicament. I struggled to recall what the dream had entailed, but alas, could not. Surrendering any possibilities of resuming my slumber, I slid out of bed and made my way to the window. There was a small window seat, just enough space for me. It was clearly outdated, with a worn floral pattern with green and yellow embroidery. I squinted to see past the dulled clouds to the moon, which cast its subtle radiance to the few awake at this hour. I stared at it intently, letting all of the current problems of today slide into the world of the past. For this moment, for a few seconds at least, I could ultimately retain peace. It calmed by body, sending a cool chill throughout it. I slid in and out of alertness, my eyes drooping heavily under the weight of exhaustion. I let my mind be comforted, and the tranquility of the moment blanket all needless thoughts of today, for they had no purpose here.

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