August 11, 2008
By Courtney Pressler, Mesa, AZ

On Penny Lane is a house of mystery and wonder. In the house is a blackbird of suffering and abusive insanity. The owner of the bird is a notorious magician named Mr. Kite. Mr. Kite is very stout and proud and has a very pale white face with an elegantly gelled beard and mustache. He dresses just like any other magician donning a top hat, black vest, and red tailored jacket. His eyes are as crazy as he truly is; magic and weird spell books surround his house. In the farthest and darkest corner is a blackbird in a tall gloomy cage. It has no name therefore it is known as Blackbird. Mr. Kite kept him as a token of his first attempt of vanishing a bird in front of an audience. He doesn't even like poor Blackbird and usually takes out his madness on him.

Blackbird has been in the cage for many years and not once during these years has he left it. His eyes blend right in with the color of his long gleeming feathers. He is sad and only longs to be set free of the chaos and insanity that surrounds him by Mr. Kite. Each day he hopes for someone to become interested in being teached by Mr. Kite so that they can see him and feel sorry for him and finally free him go of his misery.

Then one day a man of 20 years of age comes by to be taught by the great Mr. Kite. His name is Lennon and he is tall and intelligent looking. He begins his training immediately and is wrapped up by all of the marvelous things Mr. Kite has taught him. Lennon is captured by his mentor's great skill and each and every day he yearns to perfect his tricks to be just as great as his are. Mr. K informs Lennon that they will putting on a show soon when he thinks he is ready on Saturday at Bishop's Gate. He says they will perform his tricks without a sound and he assures that the show will be second to none. The production was to be called "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite". Lennon is immediately intrigued and plans to practice everyday. Little did he know however, that Mr. Kite's intentions were wrong. He was going to make sure that he out performed Lennon and sabotaged his magic tricks so he wouldn't be outdone and remain number one. He knew that Lennon was younger and better and in his own selfish and twisted mind he wanted him to fail.

Lennon arrived again at the house to learn and practice just like he did every day and that's when he noticed Blackbird. Blackbird, a bird so soaked in sorrow but with a luminous black shine. He went up to the cage and looked into Blackbird's eyes and felt a lonely feeling inside him. He realized that the bird was in pain and locked in a lonesome prison against his own will. When Mr. K entered the room in a dark purple robe with shiny silver stars he cleared his throat. Lennon jumped up startled and began to question him about Blackbird. Mr. K quickly glared his eyes and said, "Nothing. Nothing at all. Just a token of my first successful act."

He then asked him why he was in such a cage and looked so dreadful. He said, "He's nothing therefore he is to be treated like nothing. Just like you will be treated if you do not perform as I say."

Lennon was filled with rage and the two began to get into a spat. He realized Mr. Kite was wicked and that nothing should be treated like that, especially not by some crazed magician. He left the house feeling stupid for worshipping Mr. K like he had done and felt immensely sorry for Blackbird. Then Mr. Kite took out his madness on Blackbird just like every time before.

The next day was stormy and dreary and Blackbird was giving up on living and being set free. Then all of a sudden Lennon slams through the door to Mr. Kite's house. He is angry and in his eyes you can see sadness as he runs right for Blackbird. It was a weird sensation between the bird and human but even though they could not talk to each other they seemed to have been able to communicate. Lennon knew Blackbird longed to be set free and after finally seeing Mr. Kite's wicked ways he finally had enough. Just as Lennon's hand reached for the opening of the cage, Mr. Kite stormed in and in a fury struck Lennon in the face with his fist. Lennon, being younger and stronger, was able to block out the pain and recover quick enough to strike Mr. K back landing him unconcious on the floor. Lennon then reached for the latch of the cage and finally swung open the door and Blackbird got ready to take flight.

Just as Blackbird was getting ready to take flight Lennon said "Take these broken wings and learn to fly!" Blackbird, waiting for this moment to arise all of his life, flew right out of the decrepit cage as if he had never been locked away. He and Lennon were headed straight for the door of the house when Mr. Kite pulled the trigger. Suddenly a loud bang blared out and Lennon dropped to the floor. Mr. Kite had regained conciousness and fired a shot right at Lennon and he died instantly. The door was still open and Blackbird flew into the dark black night. He couldn't believe his fellow friend had died just to set him free.

His eyes were so sunken from mourning that he had to learn to see again. Eventually Mr. Kite was founded guilty for killing Lennon and was put away in an insane asylum were he could relish in his madness not hurting anyone or anything for the rest of his life. Blackbird was so grateful that he decided to do something every night until he died to honor Lennon. So he decided to sing and he was the one and only Blackbird singing in the dead of night.

The author's comments:
This is a short story written as a tribute to The Beatles and composed from the lyrics of Blackbird. This piece is from inspiration and is written from a dream of mine.

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