Lets Take A Walk

August 11, 2008
By brittany Heath, Springfield, MA

He sits in his chair with a blank look on his face; thoughts floating through his mind about how everyone always wants to hang out with him constantly and he never gets a moment’s piece. Just then the phone rings, typical,
“Hey Gabe it’s me Riley, want to chill later?”
“Naw, I’m good man, thanks.”
“K, Well maybe tomorrow night then.”
“Yeah maybe, who knows? Talk to you later Rye, Bye.”
Then he asks himself “Why do they like me? Is it my looks, my charm, or my expensive taste, or just plan because I have a lot of money?” Gabriel sat there for what seemed liked like hours pondering this concept. But in the end he could not come to any conclusions as to why he was so popular at his college, even thought this would be his ninth or tenth college that he has attended over the many years of his life. So in the end he gave up and decided to go out for a stroll . . . .
Meanwhile a few dorm houses down, Abigail who has just completed five straight hours of advanced placement classes, with only a small break to eat lunch in between, is finally able to return to her dorm room. Abigail resides alone in her dorm. This is because her two best friends were accepted to a different school about a thousand miles away from Harrison University. She was not assigned a roommate, so ultimately she has the whole room to herself and her many books, but it does kind of get rather lonely and quiet all by yourself in a room built for two. So to get rid of the annoying pit of lonelyness in the bottom of her stomach, she mustered up what little energy she had to take a quick walk before she started her mounds of homework. She walked out the door and a sudden chill ran through her but she kept on, on a walk that will alter her life in a way she never thought possible before.
While out in her walk she saw a bunch of drunken frat kids out and randomly vandalizing the school’s property. So she quickly looked around for a way around or a reason to quickly bypass them without them bothering her like she knew they would. In the end she found no other way around them but through the small yet powerful group of mischievous boys. Unwillingly she went onward. She went through the group thinking “Please don’t do anything, please don’t do anything” repeating it over and over in her mind until she thought nothing but this sentence, then she heard a sentence that shook her right to the bone. “Hey there little miss missy where you off to in such a hurry? Need a few escorts?”
She stopped dead as if someone had grabbed her; she froze and hoped with all her might they might just let her go and wouldn’t pursue her. Nevertheless they, against her will, started to circle and prod and poke her with cold and intoxicated hands. One boy in particular chucked a Vodka bottle at a nearby tree and it shattered like frozen glass, they all laughed in unison like they planned it. She felt so helpless and unable to do anything, so she decided against her better judgment to try and make a run for it and to her amazement and surprise she was able to make it past a younger yet equally drunken boy of the group. She was really out of shape though, she was huffing and puffing and panting in no time, when out of nowhere someone tackled her to the ground, and flipped her onto her back. Her arms were then pinned down above her head and someone was holding down her legs, she writhed and screamed but of course no one heard her . . . . . or so she thought.
A bit of the way down the path Gabriel was just about to head back up the path to his personal, pimped out, student body president dorm room when he heard “HELP! Please someone Heeeeellllp.” He immediately whipped around, in the direction of the terrible scream. With unnatural ability he started in a full on sprint towards the scream. He was neither out of breath nor tired when he got to the bush he was going to use for cover. To plan his intrusion to this horrible sight he was now witnessing. He contemplated the timing many times over until he had no choice but to interfere.
She was crying and helpless what a great mix of emotions, to have this happen at such an opportune moment in her school career, just her luck. She fought and squirmed against the hold on her, but to no surprise she couldn’t break through the hold. So she gave up and listened to the chuckle and laughs of the horrible boys. “See now was that so hard? I promise it will be fun!” said the fraternity leader. They all chuckled to each other as if someone had said and amusing joke that only they heard. Just then as the director of this horrible act was leaning down, out of the bushes popped a handsome young man who was greatly built and looking pretty fine in his tight black shirt that showed his remarkable muscles, dark blue jeans, and black combat boots, and his diamond earring glittered from the light of the moon, and his hair was just long enough to be in his eyes if he didn’t move it just right. Wow, how could she be thinking about a hot guy, and amazingly hot guy, at a point and time like this, when she was umm . . . kinda sorta held up in a unpleasant predicament. “What are you doing to this poor girl? What did she ever do to you?”
A drunken frat boy spoke up. “She didn’t do nothing to us, but try and run away from us when we was just gonna have a good time is all, Right guys?” His words were slurred with the right amount of vondka.
The answer was quite clear when they all answered “Yeah”
“Well to me it doesn’t quite seem like she wants to hang with you guys.”
“Well no one asked you now did they?”
“No I suppose you’re right, No one did ask me but my mother always taught me to treat ladies with respect,” not mentioning how long ago that really was, “and I don’t think you gentlemen are treating this girl with much respect.”
“Oh yeah and what are you gonna do about it huh?” said the head frat, while getting up off poor, helpless, and defenseless Abigail, and then man handling her to the next closest member of the fraternity, who took her like a piece of meat. Then he took a jab at Gabriel who grabbed his hand and said “That it?” Angrily the man in charge took one big swing at Gabriel, and under estimated Gabriel’s abilities, and before he knew what had happened Gabriel came up with an amazing upper cut and sent the guy flying. Gabriel walked over to the helpless leader and said “Now I hope you respect the ladies next time.” And on that not the other frat members picked up their fallen comrade and left Abigail there with just Gabriel as her company, so out of politeness Gabriel turned to Abigail and asked “Would you like me to walk you to your dorm miss?”
“Um . . . it’s Abigail but my friends call me Abby, and yes thank you.” How could she ever say no to this amazing mysterious hero of hers? So they embarked on their journey to Abby’s dorm house and most of it was quiet, until Abby couldn’t help but ask “What’s ur name?”
“It’s um . . . uh . . . oh yeah Gabe, I mean Gabriel, yeah that’s it”.
She giggled, “That’s a beautiful name, so if you don’t mind me asking, why did you come and save me?”
“Well it was in my nature to help a woman in need, but when I saw you, you looked so amazing that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.” Wow how did he just say that to her, he normally has a difficult time talking to women, but this one was different some how. He thought about this for a bit until she said “Thank you, and thanks for the walk to my dorm, sorry it wasn’t any farther.”
“It’s ok and for the walk I enjoyed looking at you, I mean the scenery, but mostly you.” She was speechless; she had no idea what to say to this complete and yet perfect stranger. On that note he walked off and let the wonderful woman of his dreams walk right out of his life. Because he has no chance with someone who is as different to him as black is to white. “Night walkers and humans don’t mix well in existence, so just let her go pal.” Was the last thing he said to himself as he walked back into his own world.

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