Grandma's Gift

August 10, 2008
I discovered the magic when I turned 10 years old. It was my tenth birthday, my parents of course held a birthday party for me. There were lots of red, blue, orange and yellow balloons. The two layered chocolate cake was so delicious. I prepared party goods for my classmates and friends I invited. There were games we really enjoyed and I really have fun! I felt sorry when my party ended at eight in the evening. The party was great! After I helped mama to clean the party area and to wash dishes I proceed to our living room. I found my birthday presents on the center table. I eagerly opened each gift I received. I’m so happy to receive various items: cute stuff toys, paper dolls, glitter pens, candy goods, hair clips and birthday cards. Wow! “But I’ll be much happier if grandma was able to come” I turned to mama as we put the gifts on a large basket. “I know. But grandma cannot come right now. She can’t travel too far. Don’t worry because we will be able to visit her soon. So, cheer up!” mama replied. I smiled back at her. “Besides, grandma sent a special birthday present for you! Here it is.” Papa held me a box tied in a pink silk ribbon. Hmmm, what could it be? I thought. My heart was beating loudly as I carefully untied the ribbon. I took a sneak peek at the box. Then, I put my left hand inside to guess what surprise grandma gave. My hands caught a letter, it says:
Dear birthday girl,
How’s your birthday? I’m so sorry I can’t come. I surely missed the fun. I miss you too! I would really like to see you. But I have difficulty in traveling right now. So I just sent my birthday present for you. Happy birthday!

Then, slowly I took out the thing outside the box. Wow! A piggy bank! The powdered blue colored piggy bank looks so cute. I examined its entire body. There is a message under its body: Honest money that will be saved in me will be doubled!
So it’s magical!
From that day onwards, I would budget my money so I could put it to my magical piggy bank. I reduced buying too much candies and soft drinks in order to save a lot. Before I go to school, I prepare sandwich and orange juice; milk, cookies and fruits. In that case I don’t have to spend my baon. Everyday, the piggy bank would get heavier and heavier. At first, the coins made a clinkety, clink, clink sound. When the piggy bank was half filled, clankety, clank, clank; and when it was almost full, just clunk. I’m so happy when the magical day came. The piggy bank was likely to burst because it was now full! I stared at it for a while, hugged it, then.. pak! Smashed it! Coins and bills rolled on the bed. Yes! I saved so much! So it’s true. The money I put in the piggy bank was doubled. It feels like a millionaire as I held the money in my hands. What would I want to buy? A bicycle, a talking doll, and lots of candies! I was starting to first count the coins when a folded paper fell on the floor. I picked it up. I wonder what it says. Hmm, I don’t remember I put a check inside the piggy. I read the letter, it says:

“So you have earned a lot! What do you want to buy? It’s your money so spend it wisely. To tell you the truth, I’m so sorry. It’s not really magical. I just want you to learn to save and budget money wisely. Especially nowadays, prices of goods are very high. But it seems magical, isn’t it? Though its not really a magical piggy bank, what important is you learn to save money for your own good.

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