a little bit of karma

August 10, 2008
it was the beginning of the end. the end of the middle. and the middle of the star, it was confusing, and yet here it was' life. it was loud, soft, beautiful, awful, crazy life. better yet, it was my life, and it was about to come to an end. well, maybe i was being a bit drastic, but i really didn't think that the fact that my great grandmother's ashes were now scattered across the living room floor was going to go over very well with my mother. i had just two hours to fix this mess i somehow found myslef in. why these things happened to me, i have no idea. these predicaments seem to find me and haunt me. i truly feel as if there is someone out after me to ruin my life. maybe not someone. maybe something. a driving force that controls the universe and the beings within. i'll settle on karma. what goes around comes around. i don't exactly know how this camme to come back and bite me, but maybe i should pay more attention to my actions.

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