Seen Through a Heart

April 9, 2008
By Lindsey Alvey, Bartonville, IL

The frigid winter wind gently blew the glistening wet snowflakes against her face as Faith sat on her snow-caressed porch. She lifted up her hand and let one of winter's precious diamonds glide gently into her palm. Holding it as if it was her very own, she watched as her diamond faded to water from her body's inner warmth. Gently, she wiped the cold remains on her furry warm jacket and thoughtfully looked out at the silver beauty before her. Snow as white as cotton was covering the brown, dead grass beneath it, and icicles see-through clear were dripping down off of the wooden fence enclosing her wonderland. Relaxing thoughts began to cross through her mind as the pillow-like snow started to drift slowly around her. Looking down she noticed an icy wetness beginning to soak through her supposed waterproof clothes, but yet a calming warmth somehow still had a strong hold on her. Sighing, she let her breath escape into the air like smoke from a glowing fire. It slowly rose, fading amongst the snowflakes, and blowing to the moans of the whipping winds. Scooching the powdery snow from beneath her, she casually leaned back letting her small hands administer a perfectly shaped handprint into the flawless snow. A cold, prickling sensation surged through her fingers, but ignoring the growing numbness, she glided her smooth fingertips around without care. She was extremely cold and beginning to feel the chilly wetness on every inch of her body. The trickling snowfall had ended, leaving behind covered branches cracking under the heavy pressure, and slick snowy roads for all to try and negotiate. Crunching the deep snow, she stood and trudged her way to the door. Her numb fingers fumbily grasped the also frozen doorknob and swung it open. A fiery warmth immediately overwhelmed her, and a muddy puddle slowly formed on the floor as she began to slowly thaw out. Slamming the door noisily behind her, she turned her view to enjoy the scenery for a few more brief seconds. Letting out another breath, she fogged up the window, partially blocking her view. A small, simple smile spread from ear to ear on her rosy face as she took her still chilled fingertips and carefully drew a tiny heart exactly in the middle. Knowing exactly what she was doing, she peeped one of her baby blue eyes through her finger drawn heart and thought to herself, this is what I truly adore about this perfectly bittercold, gorgeously messy season.

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