April 9, 2008
By Justus Davis, Brunswick, GA

The world was once a beautiful place composed of marvelous creatures, creatures from a mere species, but creatures that were created by the Auras. These Auras controlled the six elements of earth, fire, wind, water, light, and darkness, each giving the world its own feeling and wondrous adventure, and it all started with earth. The purest Aura earth gave our land most of its insects, mountains and hills, and creatures of huge size. The Aura of water then brought forth erosions, and as it eroded the land it began to fill cracks with water, and inside these watery crevices came about creature of sea. The Aura of fire brought reptiles to the land, dragons, and volcanoes, and all other mishaps of the devastating fire, then arose the Aura Wind bringing out the birds, the insects of flight, the long gentle breezes and all other creations of earth. By this time the world was thought to be complete no other Aura was needed, until certain creatures began to hate light, so the Aura of light emerged along with the Aura of darkness and together they regulated the skies together for the rest of their days. The world was seen as perfect, until the Auras decided that something was missing so together they composed an essence and up came the Aura of balance that gave life to the humans of our world today. As the Auras united together to rule the world one of the Aura’s, the Aura of balance grew hungry for power and began to consume everything in its path, it destroyed all creatures who didn’t fall victim to its corruption. No one could stop it, until one day the Aura’s decided to hide their powers inside of human beings who would be the Guardians protector of our people, but they also knew that they had to create the guardian of balance and that guardian was me, the one who would die to save the fate of all, but the problem is now I have to destroy the six evil empires of this land, when I am finished I will then go off to fight off the dark aura, and with it, according to destiny I must die. Yet unfortunately there is another way and if I don’t find out soon what it is, then the fate of this world is in my hands and against my life.

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