April 9, 2008
Once upon a time, in a land that was far, far away, there was a beautiful young milkmaid. This was the fairest milkmaid in all of the land. She was known throughout the land for her beauty and radiance. The fair milkmaids name was Ana. The village that Ana lived in was the most beautiful place that anyone could ever imagine. The land was full of lush, vibrant green grasses and beautiful trees that provided plenty of relaxing shade for the villagers to enjoy. Throughout the village were small rivers and waterfalls that the townsfolk were able to swim in. Ana lived on one of the largest farms in the whole area. Her family had the most cows and produced the most milk. She and her family were known for their wealth and prosperity. Ana, knowing that people judged her just because of the wealth that her family has made her feel very uncomfortable. One day Ana decided to make a name for herself rather than the wealthy milkmaid. Ana loved to run and she did this almost every day because she had to run such a distance to milk all of the cattle. Ana knew that she was a very fast runner. Every year the village people would hold a race to name the fastest in all of the land. This had been a tradition for nearly fifty years prior to Ana’s birth. This race had always consisted of only male contestants no younger than the age of ten years old and no older than the age of twenty. Because women did not have a large role in any outgoing activities women had not participated in any of the races. There was no written rule of this in the rulebooks, but it was something that everyone knew. Ana had just turned ten years of age and she really wanted to participate in the race. She knew that a female had not yet ran in the race, and she really wanted to make a name for herself in the village other than the girl in the wealthy family. Ana consulted her family and asked both of her parents and they thought that making a name for her is very important and they thought that it was an excellent idea. Her parents told her to go to the city council and ask if it would be okay for her to enter in the upcoming race. The council had to deliberate and they would tell her the day before the race. Ana really wanted to run in the race and hoped that the council would allow her to be in the race. Ana thought that if the council had a chance of saying no and not allowing her to run in the race. Ana thought that it would be a wonderful idea if she went around the village and found out just exactly who thought that it would be a good idea for her to run in the race. Almost everyone in the village thought that Ana running in the race a really good idea. Ana told all of the people to go to the council and tell them what a great idea this would be. The day before the race had finally came and Ana was ready for the council’s decision. There was a huge meeting and the whole village was invited to hear the ruling. After hearing the pros and cons of her running, their cons outweighed the pros. Ana was very upset and she knew that she was supposed to run in the race a she knew that she would find a way. The day of the race came rolling around and Ana was nowhere to be seen. Everyone thought that she was so embarrassed that she would not show her face. At the starting line the crowd saw someone they had never seen before, his name was said to be Anthony. The gun sounded for the race to begin and Anthony was faster than anyone in the entire race. He made it to the finish line first and won the race. The crowd was so excited and started to pick Anthony up and cheer for his victory. Just as the crowd did this, his long blonde hair came flowing down. People realized that this was not Anthony, it was not even a boy, but it was Ana. A girl had won the race. This made people get even happier and they people of the village did not even care, they were still amazed by the young milkmaid pulling off a plan that was so well thought out. Ana won the race and the trophy. The crowd loved her. She defiantly made a new name for herself, Anthony.

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