Oswald and theTwoTrunked Tree

January 13, 2013
By Logic BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
Logic BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
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Long ago there was an eagle the size of a thumb. His name was Oswald. His feathers were as white as snow. His feet and beak were so orange it made you eyes water. Oswald lived by a magical stream, which if drank the water would cure you if were sick or injured. One day when Oswald was drinking from the stream a drop of water mystically became a bead.
Oswald heard of a village, somewhere far way named China. Everyone was sick in the village. Oswald wanted to help the village get better, but he couldn’t carry enough water from the stream so he took the bead instead.

While he was flying he dropped the bead on a chipmunk’s back. While it was asleep. This startled the chipmunk and it jumped and the bead was launched into the air and landed under a tree with two trunks. Oswald looked and looked and for the bead but the grass was too tall.

Oswald gave up and went home to re-create another bead. Meanwhile in that strange pace named China, a little girl is skipping through the forest looking for food that will feed her village. The girl is very tired so she sits down by a tree with two trunks. She starts yanking up handfuls of grass. And runs across a bead and took the bead and the food she collected to her village.

When the little girl arrived at her village, she went to the medical hut. She sat the food down on a small table made of bamboo. She grabbed two woven panda bear hair cups. She fills one with water from the well, and the other with water and herbs. The bead was filthy so she puts the bead in the cup of plain water. The girl grabs a cup of water and takes it to the sickest person first. It is an old man. His mane is James; he is the most respected man in the village which means he is also the oldest. He can’t even sit up he is that ill. His wrinkled lips curves around the edge of the cup, slowly slipping the water. Then she moved on to the next the person. After a while everyone had drank the water. The girl went back to the room with the food and herbs. She looked to see the bead was cleaned off but the only thing in the cup was herbs.

The girl went in to bunk to check on everyone to see if they needed anything else. But everyone was walking around talking and laughing. The Children were singing; we are healed, we are cured, there must have been some magic in that water!

Oswald made the trip back with a new bead. When he arrived at the village he saw adults walking, talking and carrying buckets of water. He saw children running, laughing and playing. At first Oswald thought he was at the wrong village, but he realized that this is the only village in the forest. Then the girl recognized Oswald she saw his orange feet and beak flying off by the two trunked tree. She asked him about the bead. Oswald told the little girl that he lived by a magical stream that can cure anything. And that when a drop of water comes out of the stream it becomes a bead. Oswald decided that the two trunked tree will be where he will keeps the bead until someone needs it and then he will replace the bead.

When Oswald grew old and began to lose his feathers is when he told his the centipede where the bead is kept and how to replace it. Oswald also told his cousin to give the location to anyone who needs it and to pass the location as needed.

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