Is life all about shedding tears?

January 13, 2013
Is life all about shedding tears? is this what life is all about? Weren’t we just supposed to smile and have a cheer? Just sit out chill and have a nice cold beer everyone of us who love and end up getting broken up having something hidden within our own selves and some people call it having a very strong fear, all this time you, yourself smile around having fun , going out in the hot mild sun just with friends out to have a run but when it comes to the end of the day at night all I feel is every things done , that I haven’t won . Past memories are they easy to forget ? you try to run away from life with a simple smile just trying to live your live nice , inside of me are crumpling into the darkness every things going smooth but the hearts so heartless my mind turns mindless they say love makes everything around yourself as it it’s all blindness nights are so lonely all I do is hold on to myself so tight at night nothings ever bright knowing that I’m right closing my eyes not seeing anything at sight is life really that simple is it easy to move on? is this what’s life all about ? Shedding tears.. –

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